Central Wisconsin Airport Marketing RFP Issued

The Central Wisconsin Airport (Airport) is seeking competitive proposals from qualified entities interested in planning and creating an airport marketing campaign.


The Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA) is a primary commercial service airport located in Mosinee, Wisconsin. The Airport is located 200 miles east of Minneapolis and 200 miles northwest of Milwaukee. In 2019, CWA had approximately 140,000 annual passenger departures. The Airport is served by American, Delta, and United Airlines with non-stop service to Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

In 2019, the Airport completed a True Market Estimate Study to better understand the traveling patterns of central Wisconsin. The study revealed the following information. The Central Wisconsin Airport’s catchment area, as shown in the exhibit, has an estimated population of 373,826. In the catchment area, the number of annual origin and destination passengers is estimated at 578,722. Of those passengers an estimated 39% use CWA, 26% use Minneapolis/St. Paul, 16% use Milwaukee, 7% use Chicago O’Hare, 5% use Madison, and 5% use the Appleton airport. Like many industries, COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the Central Wisconsin Airport. By May of 2020, CWA experienced a 90% reduction in passengers as compared to the same period in 2019. Since that time CWA has seen a slow but steady growth. Currently, the airport is operating at approximately 50% of 2019 levels. This is in line with the averages for the other airports in the state. Passenger demographics have also changed. Pre-COVID the airport was approximately 70% business travel and 30% leisure travel. Now, business travel has drastically reduced, and the percentages appear to have shifted. Leisure travel comprises an estimated 70% of travel and passenger numbers may be slightly higher than 2019 because of more favorable airline pricing.

Scope of Work:

The marketing contract will be awarded to the Respondent best demonstrating the experience and qualifications necessary to plan and create a marketing campaign and strategy for the Central Wisconsin Airport that is able to meet the following objectives: 

• Educates the traveling public about the benefits of flying out of CWA.

• Captures higher percentage of the true market – passengers currently flying.

• Develop a marketing campaign concept that delivers a consistent message across all suggested marketing venues. It is the intention of the Airport to have a consistent, modest presence that reasonably reaches the target market. 

o The marketing program should focus on what the airport is doing to meet the needs of travelers in a pandemic.

o Identify reason why people might not be flying, and address those that we can.

o Instill confidence in Flying CWA.

• Recommend an implementation strategy and marketing mix that reaches the target market at a reasonable cost.

• Identify all costs associated with implementing a program. This should include any development costs and a suggested advertising budget over a 12-18 month period.

• Identify a way to measure the effectiveness of the marketing program.

Due Date:

November 5


Central Wisconsin Airport 100 CWA Drive, Suite 227 Mosinee, WI 54455

Relevant agencies to consider include Hunter PR and MWW PR.

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