Charlotte, North Carolina Issues Lobbying RFP

2017-08-04 by EPR Staff

Charlotte, North Carolina Issues Lobbying RFP

The City of Charlotte, North Carolina has issued an RFP for a lobbying company. The City of Charlotte requires a qualified firm or individual to provide federal lobbying services on behalf of the City to the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. The Company shall have an office in the Washington, D.C. area.

The Company will actively and continuously lobby Congress and the Administration to assist the City in several key areas including:

  • Aviation
  • Economic development;
  • Environmental quality;
  • Highways;
  • Housing and community development;
  • Public safety;
  • Public transportation;
  • Water and sewer;
  • Workforce development; and
  • Other City Council priorities. The Company shall also:
  • Act as the representative on behalf of the City to the federal government;
  • Confer with the City Manager and City staff on planning and program activity that has a bearing on the City to make the best use of federal programs;
  • Maintain liaison with the City’s Congressional delegation and assist the delegation in any matter which the City determines to be in its best interest;
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with the executive and legislative branches of the federal government that will enhance the City’s position with respect to financial assistance applications, regulatory procedures, legislation, budget authorizations and appropriations, and other area of interest to the City;
  • Identify and notify the City in advance of opportunities for grants and funding for the key areas listed above;
  • Contact federal agencies on the City’s behalf when grant applications are under consideration by such agencies and take whatever steps are necessary to obtain favorable consideration of such applications;
  • Review federal executive proposals, legislation under consideration,  proposed and adopted administrative rules and regulations, federal credit assistance programs, and other federal developments for the purpose of advising the City of items that may have a bearing on the City’s policies and programs;
  • Represent the City at Washington, D.C. area conferences or meetings as requested;
  • Counsel the City regarding appearances by local personnel before Congressional committees and administrative agencies and arrange for appointments and accommodations as necessary;
  • Secure and furnish detailed information as may be available on federal issues in which the City indicates an interest;
  • Review and comment on proposals of the City, which are being prepared for submission to federal agencies, when requested to do so by the City Project Manager; and
  • Assist in implementing the City’s federal legislative agenda.

Due Date:

August 22, 2017


Tracey Keyes City of Charlotte
Procurement Management Division
600 East 4th Street, CMGC 9th Floor
Charlotte, NC 28202

Taylor PR and Fleishman Hillard have North Carolina offices.


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