Chesapeake Bay Foundation Issues Lobbying RFP

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Issues Lobbying RFP

Chesapeake Bay Foundation has issued an RFP seeking a lobbyist in Virginia.


Provide lobbying services for non-profit environmental group, primarily in relation to the Virginia General Assembly and Virginia gubernatorial administration.

Scope of Work:

  • Position CBF for the 2018 General Assembly session, including working with committee staff and the Administration. Priority legislative issues to be addressed include environmental education funding, defense against attacks on the Clean Water Blueprint (particularly stormwater and agriculture issues), and programmatic support and funding for implementation of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan.
  • Assist CBF with building positive relationships with new delegates and new gubernatorial administration staff. Educate new legislators and Administration staff on the importance of the Clean Water Blueprint and the Watershed Implementation Plan.
  • Work with CBF staff to bolster our relationships with key members of the Virginia House of Delegates and Virginia Senate and educate legislators on the “pace” necessary to fully implement Virginia’s Clean Water Blueprint.
  • Develop and oversee specific strategies for securing patrons (and co-patrons) for necessary legislation and/or budget amendments to implement priorities.
  • Secure support from Secretaries and Executive Branch for legislative and funding priorities. Secure commitments from the gubernatorial Administration to oppose legislation if necessary.
  • Attend relevant committee, subcommittee meetings of money committees, and relevant standing committees.
  • Review and advise on legislative research, drafting, and testimony before General Assembly committees/subcommittees.
  • Work with CBF staff in the review of other legislation introduced in the 2018 General Assembly that relates to water quality and environmental issues; prioritize and develop positions on selected bills.
  • Assist CBF with design and implementation of an effective legislative reception.

Proposal due on May 31st to:

Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Inc. (CBF)
1108 E. Main Street, Suite 1600
Richmond, VA 23219

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