Christmas Jammies Ad is Awesome

It can be pretty easy to get lost in the flood of endless – and countless – holiday themed commercials. Almost all advertising, and public relations at the time, is pressed through the filter of Christmas. Snow, red, green, lights, and Santa Claus. And, of course, big red bows on luxury cars.

But, every year, a handful of commercials rise to the top. Some are clever, some hit our emotional buttons. Some are just plain cute, and funny. That’s been the general reaction to a clever bit of internet video known as “Christmas Jammies.” Yes, they even have a popular hashtag. The commercial is produced by a husband-wife team launching a video production company. She has some acting experience, and he has time in front of the camera as a local newscaster. They make use of both this expertise, and their inherent photo-genetics to craft a cute video that, almost instantly, went viral.

Viewers can get all the way through without ever realizing they are watching a commercial. Because, really, they aren’t.

As Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR explains: “A golden  rule of the internet in the social media era is “engage.” If you can’t do that, you get nothing else. Therefore, the more entertaining something is, the more likely it will be to go “viral”, and give you the most response. People aren’t sharing the video because they give a rip about this family’s new venture. They are sharing it because they look cute, and fun in their Christmas jammies.”

He continues: “Yes, the family is successful, and attractive. But, they also manage to be fun, and compelling. Not cloying, and superior. This is an important distinction. There are certain celebs who could definitely not pull this off without looking pretentious. And others that could definitely make it work.

Think about what makes those two groups different, and you will be a long way toward understanding why this video works … and how it could work for you.”

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