Chula Vista Considers Big PR Spending for Local University Plan

Chula Vista everything-pr

A university brings a lot of income and publicity to the city of town where it’s being built. Students coming from all over the country ready to pay tuition, jobs for professors, assistants and administrative staff and more business for companies catering to the campus. No wonder Chula Vista, the second largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, is considering building a university with a 375 acres campus and allotting close to 300,000 dollars to PR efforts meant to get the new educational institution the support and visibility it needs among locals and Americans looking to expand their education.

Chula Vista plans work with Sapetto Group Inc., for a public outreach and participation process for the project. The community relations firm started exploring their collaboration possibilities  Chula Vista leaders last month when an $80,000 university report was presented to the council’s University Committee comprised of Mayor Cheryl Cox and Councilman Rudy Ramirez.

If the university is built, the council considers spending $147,363 on public relations with the Sapetto Group and another $142,403 with Laer Pearce & Associates for a public outreach campaign to gain support for the project. But before they decide on their PR budget, Chula Vista  council members need to find funding to first build the university and an  analysis on financing options for the university will only be completed at the end of the month.

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