City of Glendale Seeks Marketing Firm For Glendale Tech Week

The City of Glendale  Seeks Marketing Firm For Glendale Tech Week


The City of Glendale (“City”) invites qualified firms to submit a proposal to provide marketing and website design services for Glendale Tech Week (“Tech Week”) – a week-long event aimed at connecting our local tech industry talent with interested agencies and businesses in the Glendale area.


Situated at the heart of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, the City of Glendale is in a prime location to foster and engage with the burgeoning tech industry of southern California. Glendale is an existing hub of tech talent, with industry leaders such as Disney, YP, and LegalZoom calling the City home. The technology industry is a prosperous economic cluster that stimulates economic growth in the region by providing an ample source of jobs and high paying salaries. In addition to local tech giants and smaller start-ups, jobs in tech are increasingly common in other industries, such as law, medicine, banking, retail, and development.  In order to synergize local talent, growing tech businesses, and their valuable resources, the City of Glendale hosted its first annual Glendale Tech Week in 2016, with over 1,000 participants attending 30 events over the course of four days. Fifty inspiring speakers offered to share their experience in tech and innovation through engaging activities such as panels, site tours, happy hours, networking events, and a celebrity concert at the Alex Theatre. Events were hosted by individual companies and institutions throughout Glendale in an effort to highlight the thriving talent and innovation that make the City an exciting and motivational environment for businesses in the field of technology.

The City is looking to repeat 2016 and 2017 Glendale Tech Week’s success by developing the event into an annual conference. In the third annual Glendale Tech Week, scheduled for September 15 through September 21, 2018, the City aims to create a fun and inspiring environment that will strengthen the innovative tech ecosystem in and around Glendale. Students, Glendale businesses, job seekers, prospective businesses, brokers, and venture capitalists will be invited to participate in a week of vision, networking and shared learning.

Scope of Work:

The selected Proposer interested in submitting for Marketing and Website Development must demonstrate the pre-requisite experience and resources to develop and implement a robust marketing strategy and website in an efficient timeline leading up to the event. Firms will also be expected to engage with the event stakeholders and work with the City to develop a marketing plan and execute this plan prior to and during the event.


The primary goals for this Marketing & Website Development project are to:

  1. Increase event participation (attraction and ticket sales)
  2. Increase event sponsorship (both in-kind and cash)
  3. Develop a cutting edge website that will establish credibility for our target audience; leading tech industry experts, businesses and potential investors.

A successful proposal will offer an exceptional strategy aimed at achieving the above mentioned goals and will include the following elements:

  1. Marketing
  2. The development and implementation of a marketing strategy to attract attendees and sponsors. This may include and is not limited to:
  3. The development of graphic design elements that reinforce the brand
  4. Social media

Print & digital advertising:

  1. The use of emerging and/or non-traditional marketing methods and technology
  2. The development and implementation of a marketing strategy to generate sponsorships.
  3. Website Development
  4. This portion of the proposal may include two scenarios:
  5. Updating and improving the existing Glendale Tech Week website, or
  6. The creation of a new website
  7. At a minimum, the website must provide easy to access information and tools including but not limited to:
  8. A comprehensive home page with intuitive content layout & event information
  9. Calendar, scheduling, RSVP and location mapping functionality

Ecommerce – ticket sales, sponsorship:

  1. Social media integration
  2. Responsive design
  3. Recommendations for additional functionality that will enhance user experience before and during the event.

Due Date:

May 15th




Shift Communications and Zeno Group could be  good fits for this assignment.

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