City of Dowagiac Issues Website Design RFP

The City of Dowagiac is updating its website ( to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide a portal to city information for customer and staff. In addition, Dowagiac is a progressive and diverse, yet humble small town. We acknowledge our website is often our first impression; therefore the website should accurately reflect our community. In the redesign and development of our new website, the City of Dowagiac seeks the assistance of an experienced company that is capable of creating all of the functionality identified in this RFP. Furthermore, the city would like the company chosen to offer advice and ideas while partnering with city staff on development aspects. Customer support after completion of the project will also be expected.


The City of Dowagiac is located in Cass County with a population of approximately 5,879 residents. The city’s name comes from the Potawatomi word “dewje’og” which means “fishing [near home] water”. Dowagiac is also the headquarters of the Pokagon Band of Potawatormi Indians. Statistically, the city has a median age of 31– younger than that of any other community in Cass County. We are a diverse population with residents of all ethnicities, educational, and family backgrounds. Dowagiac has the resources of cities many times its size, such as the thriving and expanding campus of Southwestern Michigan College and a hometown hospital and medical campus. Transportation is easy in Dowagiac. We are at the crossroads of two state highways, commercial rails, Amtrak, Local Dial-A-Ride, and a municipal airport service Dowagiac. Historical architecture and neighborhoods blend perfectly with funky downtown shops, art galleries, savory restaurants, parks, walking/hiking trails, and an active sports community. Dowagiac is host to free summer concerts, festivals and community events for every season, a fine arts festival, and community theatre.

Scope of Work:

The City of Dowagiac has the intent of accomplishing the following tasks with this website design and development project:

1.       Evaluation of the existing website and the creation of a transition-plan to implement a new design.

2.       Development of a customized, modern template for the website that includes a 100% responsive design so it can be displayed and maneuvered on any size device, including smartphones and tablets.

3.       The transfer of all information from the current website to the new website.

4.       Provision of hosting and security services for the new website.

5.       Providing content and maneuvering training to select city staff.

Due Date:

July 31, 2019 


City of Dowagiac 

City Manager’s Office 

241 S. Front Street 

P.O. Box 430 

Dowagiac, MI 49047

Agencies worth considering include Ruder Finn and Finn Partners.

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