City of Dundee Issues Tourism RFP

1.            THE CITY OF DUNDEE

The City of Dundee, with a population of 3,230 is a semi-rural town located 30 minutes southwest of Portland in the Yamhill County wine country. Dundee residents enjoy an abundance of highly-rated restaurants, award-winning wineries, unparalleled vistas. and an excellent quality of life. Dundee was incorporated in 1895 and is a home rule city operating under a city charter adopted in 1998.

The City is governed by a City Council comprised of six Councilors and the Mayor. The City Administrator is the administrative head of city government and is appointed by the City Council.

2.            TRAVEL DUNDEE

The City of Dundee Tourism Committee’s Mission is to enrich the quality of life and to improve the social, cultural, and economic aspects of Dundee by generating resources to promote travel, vacation stays, and visits to Dundee as the center and premier travel destination of the Willamette Valley.


The City of Dundee is located 30 minutes southwest of Portland, and is home to approximately 3,000 people. Blessed with beautiful vineyards, which draw visitors from around the world, and an abundance of highly rated restaurants, award winning wineries, unparalleled vistas, and an excellent quality of life, it is a much anticipated stop on every wine country tour

Scope of Work:

The City of Dundee has tasked the Dundee Tourism Commtitee to seek assistance from an experienced social media and marketing fim110 effectively promote the Dundee bmnd. An effective destination marketing program will result in increased visitor spending in Dundee, and increased occupancy/revenue per available room in Dundee-based commercial lodging facilities.

The City imposes a 10 percent local transient room tax (T R1) of which 70% of the collected Tiff ta revenue is dedicated to the promotion of tourism and support of tourism-related facilities in Dundee. The nine members of the Dundee Tourism Committee arc appointed by theCity Council and arc responsible for the development of a long-range strategic plan aimed to promote tourism in the City. TI1c Dundee Tourism Commiu cc meets once a month and assigns specific projects10 sub­committees that meet as needed. TI1c prospective firm will coordinate its efforts through the Dundee

Tourism Committee.

TI1e objective of the City is 10 award a one-year contract. The City may opt to extend the contract for an additional one-year term. The City may also decide 10 initiates a new RFP process m the close of any contract period or upon 1cm1ination for any reason. The City anticipates an annual budget range between S25.000 and SS0,000 for this program. The annual budget range may increase proportionately to increases in annual TRT revenues.

Specifically, the prospective firm will conduct the following:

►           Manage and maintain the City’s tourism website at

►           Conduct search engine optimization (SEO) on the City’s tourism website at

►           Ha,-·est travelers’ electronic contacts from the City’s tourism website at

►  to generate a quarterly newsletter

Maintain and update social media platforms with new content promoting Dundee

Engage local merchants developing and business contacts for al least 75% of

Dundee businesses

Create resource content for tourism businesses Create and maintain a database of marketing content

►           Create and lead a marketing strategy

►           Prepare press releases as needed

►           Assist with grant writing to leverage Dundee’s TRT with other partners

►           Prepare a monthly activity reports to be presented to the Dundee Tourism Committee

And the DundeeTourism Committee regular monthly meetings

Maintain working relationships with other Destination Marketing Organizations

Due Date:

5:00 PM on January 15, 2020


Rob Daykin

City of Dundee

620 SW 5th Street

P.O. Box 220

Relevant agencies worth considering include M Booth PR and Magrino PR.

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