City of Opa-locka Issues Public Relations RFP

The City of Opa-locka is requesting proposals from qualified professional consultants to provide Public Relations and Marketing consulting services on an as-needed and ongoing basis with experience in creating a unique brand/identity, memorable message development and communication through multiple media formats.

The City of Opa-locka seeks a professional, full-service Public Relations & Marketing firm that will provide a comprehensive and innovative plan that will:

• Increase awareness of the City’s mission and goals,

• Inform communities about the City’s plans and ongoing projects,

• Garner public and community support and understanding of the City’s initiatives and programs,

• Be at the forefront of any potential issue that may affect the City of Opa-locka. Qualified firms must demonstrate competence and experience in all areas of expertise required by the scope of services, including, but not limited to: crisis management, brand/identity creation, message development and delivery, event communication, design, costing, placement, and prioritizing multi-phased communication campaigns. Qualified firms must also demonstrate competence in graphic and oral communication to large diverse groups and expertise in facilitating consensus from multiple public and private interests. Of particular importance is the ability to develop a branding/PR Campaign to increase positive perceptions of the City of Opa-locka.

Scope of Work:

Specific tasks may include the following:

• Creating a unique, memorable identity for the City of Opa-locka

• Developing a comprehensive public relations plan

• Reviewing and updating the City’s web and social media strategies

• Creating slogan/logo/tag line/etc. as appropriate

• Directing City communications when the City faces a crisis situation

• Improve the public and private sector’s perception of the City

• Advising on media/public relations strategies in multi-disciplinary efforts to address possible changes to the City’s physical and social fabric

• Developing and maintaining a diverse media distribution list and media contacts on behalf of the City of Opa-locka

• Create/Design flyers for City events and functions

• Assist City with planning major events

Due Date:

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 by 1:00 p.m.


CITY OF OPA-LOCKA Office of the City Clerk 780 Fisherman Street, 4th Floor Opa-locka, Florida 33054

Relevant agencies worth considering Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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