City of Sunland Park Issues Tourism Marketing RFP

City of Sunland Park Issues Tourism Marketing RFP

The City of Sunland Park is requesting proposals from qualified agencies to provide marketing services related to the development of a brand identity and coordination of tourism-related efforts to stimulate tourism to the City of Sunland Park. This is a qualifications-based selection with cost as a consideration. The cost proposal will be evaluated separately from the technical proposal


Tucked underneath the stunning Mt. Cristo Rey and next to the expansive Rio Grande, the City of Sunland Park is New Mexico’s largest border city adjacent to El Paso, Texas, and Cd. Juarez, Mexico. The city was incorporated in 1983. It is a vibrant community with something for everyone. Visitors can experience its landscapes and stunning sunsets or take a tour of the pre-historic dinosaur tracks at the base of Mt. Cristo Rey. Visitors can also enjoy fine-dining at memorable establishments such as the State Line Restaurant, Billy Crews Fine Dining, or Ardovino’s Desert Crossing.

The Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino also attract many, not just those looking to play the odds, but some of the best horses and jockeys that have gone on to make history in the Kentucky Derby. Families can also enjoy the thrill of roller coaster rides or family games at Western Playland Amusement Park located across from the Racetrack & Casino.

Sunland Park is a new leader for economic growth. Just recently, Stampede Meat, Inc., the nation’s leading prepared meats processor, opened their doors in our City. City Council approved a $22 million Industrial Revenue Bond that helped Stampede establish their operation creating over 300 new jobs. Stampede will be gearing up to employ up to 1,300 new workers within the next five years.

Geographically, Sunland Park is perfectly placed to welcome new business. The City is developing unique commercial areas and building new residential subdivisions. The reason: The City is positioned in the heart of North America where the International Boundary Marker No.1 denotes the entrance to the “Land of Enchantment” providing rapid access to Interstate-10, rail, airports, and three full-service commercial Ports of Entry (El Paso/Juarez and Santa Teresa/San Jeronimo). Furthermore, Sunland Park is equidistant from the Port of Long Beach to the Port of Houston, making it an ideal hub for logistics.

Sunland Park’s region consists of a combined population of over 2 million. In addition, the City is conducting a feasibility study to create its own Port of Entry that may soon become a new gateway to Mexico.

Scope of Work:

The offeror will develop a successful branding strategy to attract travelers and visitors to Sunland Park, New Mexico with emphasis on increasing visitation to City businesses, entertainment venues, natural places, monuments, restaurants and hotels, in turn, increasing City tax revenue. The strategy will include the overall look of the marketing and branding as well as the creation of messages targeting key client types. Advertising, publications, and all other marketing aspects will be based on this branding strategy.

Detailed Specifications

                Brand the City of Sunland Park Visitor Experience- English and Spanish

                                ▪ Create overall theme, name and brand identity to pull together marketing for stakeholders and City.

                                ▪ Develop brand identity statement.

                                ▪ Develop key branding messages based on client type

                                ▪ Create and implement consistent standards for design or ‘the look’ that supports brand clarity. This will include the logo (existing), color and placement. Must be consistent with existing elements – Sunland Park Economic Development, etc.

                The overall look of the brand will be consistent for all client types; however, key messages should be tailored to specific markets: individual leisure consumers, meeting planners, group /packaged travel planners and sports planners.

                Additionally, existing and upcoming tourism-related products must be considered in the development of the brand and messaging to reflect the tourism climate of the City.

The branding strategy will be applied to future marketing plan elements including:

                ▪ Websites

                ▪ Social Media

                ▪ Advertising

                ▪ Online

                ▪ Consumer

                ▪ Travel Trade

                ▪ Meetings/Conventions

                ▪ Billboard

                ▪ E-Newsletters

                ▪ Tradeshow Booth

                ▪ Meeting / Convention Bid Packets

                ▪ Promotional Items

                ▪ Official Publications: Visitor Guide, Meeting Planner Guide, Tour Planner, Sports Facility Guide, rack brochures, etc.

Business Specifications

                Include a narrative on available facilities, including, but not limited to computers, office/conference space, and equipment to be utilized for the purpose of this RFP.

Mandatory Specifications

                ▪ Project Reporting: The Offeror must agree to prepare a monthly written status report for submittal to the City Manager that includes a statement of time spent on individual services requested and a description of the work performed. Written status reports will include at a           minimum, project progress and any problems encountered and recommended solutions.

                ▪ Offeror experience: The offeror must submit a list of the marketing staff, clerical staff or other staff members who will represent the Town, including a designation of who is the lead staff member. A copy of each staff member’s resume shall accompany the proposal. Include a statement of each staff member’s area(s) of expertise and description of any experience the staff member has in handling matters comparable to those listed in the Scope of Work section.

                ▪ Timeframe for Completion: The offeror must submit an estimated timeline for completion of the project.


The following deliverables are requested for this proposal:

                ▪ Look: Color palette and elements

                ▪ Graphic Standards: Create and document graphic standards

                ▪ Key Messages: Broken down by client type

                ▪ Power Point Presentation Template

Due Date:

June 21st, 2019.


Erika Martinez

City of Sunland Park Purchasing Agent

1000 McNutt Road, Suite A

Sunland Park, New Mexico 88063

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