City of Waco, Texas Advertising RFP 

DUE DATE: 2:00 P.M. Thursday, December 7, 2023


a. The successful publication will be to the bidder who provides goods or services at the best value for a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Waco, Texas.

b. The newspaper must have more than a minimal number of subscribers in the City of Waco.

c. The newspaper must devote not less than 25% of its total column lineage to items of general interest to citizens of the City of Waco.

d. The newspaper must be published at least once a week. Maximum unit operating Hours 2000.

e. The newspaper must be a holder of Periodical mailing privileges in McLennan County.

f. The bidder must guarantee that all typed print will be legible and properly formatted so that notice is considered correct and complete. [Reference 1.2 on the OFFICIAL BID SHEET]

g. The bidder must agree to republish all incomplete or incorrect notices in their entirety at no charge to the city in the next publication.

h. The bidder must be able to furnish within 24 hours of request an “Affidavit of Publication” certificate for each official notice that was published.

i. The bidder must be able to deliver one copy of each issue, at no additional charge, including the Saturday and Sunday editions when applicable, to the City Secretary’s Office of the City of Waco and the Purchasing Services office at 1415 N. 4th St. in order to verify the notices.

j. In addition to publishing with the successful publication under the terms of the contract awarded, the City reserves the right to publish notices and other advertisements with other publications as the City desires.

k. The bidder must be able to submit an invoice, within 30 days of publication, for the publication of notices with a clipping of the published notice and a certified statement of the publisher that includes the following information:

1.            States the rate charged;

2.            Certifies the dates of the publication; and

3. Identifies the City account/department for each publication that requested the advertisement by description, name and City cost code.

l. The bidder shall submit information that demonstrates that newspaper is generally distributedin the City of Waco, having a diverse subscribership/circulation, not limited to or excluding one geographic area of the City. Said information shall include but is not limited to the following: Paid and non-paid circulation/subscription numbers by Zip Code; (CITY OF WACO CITY LIMITS ONLY).

m. Each bidder will state the number of times and the days of the week the newspaper is published.

n. Each bidder will state in their submission the deadline schedule for publication of items.

o. The bidder must also include in their bid submission a completed newspaper pricing form that has the bidder set forth the price for sample notices; any discounts; deadlines; pricing differences for weekday and weekend; and standard font size.


a. Bidders must submit, with the bid submission, a signed affidavit that the publication submitted meets the requirements of 2051.044 of the Texas Government Code. See Affidavit of Publication.

b. Bidder must state that bidder is capable of receiving notices prepared by the City of Waco. See

Receipt of Notices. This form must be included with bid submission.

c. The newspaper must have been published regularly and continuously for at least 12 months before the City of Waco’s published notice of this bid. The bidder must include in the bid submission the following information:

  1. Two complete issues of the publication that were published during July and August of 2021.

Note: Published newspaper can be from microfilm or on CD.

  1. A listing of the number of issues that were omitted from publication during the previous 12 month period.

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