Date and Time of Closing: September 19, 2022 – 2:00 PM CST

Scope of Work and Deliverables

The College requires a Vendor to supply social media management services from September

30, 2022 to September 30, 2023 (the “management period”). The Successful Vendor shall

work with college personnel to transition into the social media management role and then

shall deliver the following, as directed by the College to its reasonable satisfaction:

a. Work with social media stakeholders from the College (as identified by the College’s

Marketing and Web Presence department) prior to commencing the management of the

College social media properties.

b. While adopting and adhering to the College’s brand, brand personality and corresponding

web presence protocols, grow, cultivate, and manage (or set- up/modify as required) several

of the College’s official social media communities, including all or some of the following


i. RRC Twitter account (

ii. RRC LinkedIn account (

iii. RRC Facebook account (

iv. RRC Instagram account (

v. RRC Continuing Education Facebook account (

vi. vi. RRC Interlake and Peguis-Fisher River Campuses Facebook account


vii. RRC Portage Campus Facebook account (

viii. RRC Steinbach Campus Facebook account (

ix. RRC Winkler Campus Facebook account (

c. During the management period, the Successful Vendor will engage in daily social media

activities on behalf of RRC Polytech, and ensure:

i. Appropriate branded content syndication, facilitating and promoting high quality discussions

and dialogue in a personal manner

ii. All customer interaction is being monitored and acknowledged

iii. The brand responds to followers and engages within a reasonable time frame (no more

than one business day), answering questions as provided by the brand and directing them to

appropriate support where required RFP No. 2022-005 28

iv. Move any content that is better suited in another area of the discussion for maximum


v. Address (and remove if necessary) any hateful or inappropriate user content with an

efficient rate of response

vi. Proper setup and monitoring of official College events, including live broadcasts

d. Formally report on social media metrics, insights and impacts monthly, including (but not

limited to) traffic and sources, new Likes and Followers, and engagement (overall and by


e. Recommend and implement innovative ideas and best practices based on the latest

opportunities and trends to improve social engagement and help achieve RRC’s brand goals.

RFP Contact

: Scott Cameron, Strategic Sourcing Specialist


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