City Of Phoenix Issues Marketing RFP

City of Phoenix Issues Marketing RFP

The City of Phoenix is seeking an advertising and marketing company for the Phoenix Convention Center Department. Proposer will promote and market the Phoenix Convention Center and Venues (PCC&V) to aggressively generate bookings to create local, national and international demand for its facilities. The design, copy and graphics of all materials created by the selected agency must enhance recognition and position the PCC&V as a top contender in the market place.

While each venue will require its own strategic plan, the plans will also contain common components such as the following:

  1. Report providing a comprehensive understanding of the competitive market set for each venue and how proposed plan will develop a unique selling proposition for each as top choice.
  2. Promotion of the PCC&V to local, regional, national and International commercial/public tradeshow and social markets.
  3. Progressive online social media campaign to attract and engage prospective clients, meeting planners and attendees.
  4. Cross promotion of the venues.
  5. Placement of earned media and feature stories in trade and consumer publications as well as TV/Radio.
  6. Identification and implementation of Public Relations opportunities which further PCC&V’s goals and initiatives.
  7. Campaign using email and direct mail databases to generate qualified leads.
  8. Media buying and advertisement placement (see section 5).
  9. Identification of need for increased functionality and on-going improvements to the PCC&V’s website navigation and content to ensure the website engages its visitors and prompts new business while providing for effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Selected Proposer’s recommended changes to the website must be compatible with the City’s website environment. Additionally, Proposer will ensure proper coordination and communication exists between their project team and City IT staff responsible for support of the site.
  10. Creation of a robust and enduring brand identity, to possibly include a new color palette.

Phoenix Convention Center

The goal of the strategic marketing plan for the Phoenix Convention Center is to secure its place as the top choice for meeting and convention planners and increase the occupancy rates of the facility.

This plan shall include:

  1. Analysis and recommendation for the enhancement of any current advertising campaigns.
  2. Collaboration with the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitor’s Bureau (CVB). The PCC works in tandem with the CVB to promote and solicit national and international groups to bring business to the City. The CVB works as a marketing arm for the Phoenix Convention Center and focuses their efforts on promoting Phoenix as a meeting destination. The role of the Proposer is to specifically promote the PCC&V. Proposer’s comprehensive marketing plan must complement the CVB’s existing marketing program.

Theatrical and Concert Hall Venues

The goal of the marketing strategy for the Orpheum Theatre and Symphony Hall is to position these venues as world-class performing arts facilities, providing quality programming, competitive pricing and seamless service in order to increase economic impact through ticket sales and rental revenues.

The theatrical marketing plan will target promoters and potential clients possessing the ability to book performances and events at these facilities, as well as the local resident’s and visitors who patronize these venues.

The marketing plan for the Orpheum Theatre and Symphony Hall shall include:

  1. Cross-promotion of theatres with Phoenix Convention Center attendees
  2. Unique approach to attract “A” list promoters
  3. Campaign to increase knowledge of events at theatres to local audience and out- of-town visitors/convention attendees

Media Buying and Advertisement Placement

The selected Proposer shall plan, organize and negotiate the successful and efficient placement of the PCC&V’s paid media program for both print and online opportunities. The Proposer will be responsible for optimizing the efficiency of paid media and will determine the best media suited for PCC&V.

Additional emphasis should be placed on obtaining value added elements to media plans including additional space/time, online components, and promotional programs.

This includes:

  1. Developing a comprehensive media plan for the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues to effectively reach target audiences and markets.
  2. Negotiating competitive ad placement rates with media outlets in order to maximize the paid media budget.
  3. Arranging for media placements with advertising representatives, communicating trafficking instructions and providing ongoing maintenance of media schedules as planned

Proposal due by Monday, April 10 to:

Attn: Celeste Mims Phoenix
Convention Center 100 N. 3rd St., Level 2A
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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