A Visual Guide to Dealing with Difficult Clients [INFOGRAPHIC]

As any service provider from across varied lines of business will tell you, dealing with clients is not always a very easy task, as people, their expectations and habits are different. This infographic shows 15 types of clients and their characteristics. Moreover, and perhaps most important, the infographic offers some “care and feeding instructions” for each identified type.

As you can easily imagine, these types show those clients that sometimes suck the life out of the agencies. Depending on the experience in the field and number of clients, chances are you stumbled on some of these types.

It is a funny infographic about not so funny encounters. And it starts as it should, with the “I’m not really sure what I want” client, followed by the client who assumed something was supposed to be included. Oh, and I’m sure “Mr. What’s a Weekend” is also loved by all agencies ;) I am also sure that many agencies have met a client who is dreamy right until they’ve delivered the project: “Mrs. What You Did Was Great, But We Now Want Something Completely different”. Isn’t that any agency’s dream?

I admit I find this infographic both funny and useful. The way these types of clients are presented is funny, as well as the images chosen to illustrate them. Of course, the useful part is that final fragment with recommendations on dealing with each type of client.

How about you? What types of clients have you encountered over the years?

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