Personal Public Relations: Clothing & How To Dress for a Negotiation

They say general appearance matters. The way we dress for a business meeting, the way we talk, and even the accessories we wear can influence the other party. A famous principle states that people must never be judged after their clothes, and while that’s perfectly accurate, we must accentuate that general appearance is extremely important in the business world. Although the clothes we wear are not defining our personality, it’s essential to look presentable if we want to gain the respect of our opponents.

Time to dress for success

Stay away from synthetic materials

Negotiations are stressful, demanding, and sometimes unpleasant. Wearing clothes made of synthetic materials will make you feel even more uncomfortable. You’ll probably start to sweat and that will make the other party think you’re vulnerable. Always go for cotton because it’s important to feel good in your own skin. The material is not expensive if you’re not fond of famous brands, and it will help you feel happy in your own skin.

Red for good luck

People think red is a lucky color, and in business wearing red adds a bit of style to your appearance. Replacing a classic white shirt with a red shirt showcases confidence, boldness, and poise. Both men and women who are courageous enough to add a splash of color to their outfits have greater chances of closing great deals. The color red is a delight for the eye, so your counterparts will surely appreciate your tasteful choice in clothes. Colors have the power to influence our perceptions, so why wear white and be invisible when you can wear red and stand out?

Jeans and t-shirts are out of the question

Jeans and t-shirts are two words that shouldn’t exist in the business world. Such casual attire must never be shown in front of your associates, employees, partners, and investors because they’re not screaming confidence or professionalism. Keep t-shirts and jeans for your time off and never wear them at the office. It’s important to dress appropriately for a negotiation because first appearances matter the most in this domain.


Stubble Are you taking care of yourself? Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s vital to look good in business. Men should be properly shaved every day and women should wear effortless make-up and casual accessories. As long as you dress neat and smart, your other party will only have words of admiration. Don’t exaggerate and keep things simple if you want to make an excellent impression. Whether you’re a salesperson, entrepreneur, realtors, or CEO, you might want to invest in your general appearance if you want people to trust you.

Flashy accessories

Women love their accessories just as much as men. Shiny earrings, bracelets, statement necklaces, and extravagant shoes, are all great for a night out with friends but not for a business negotiation. Your outfit must denote trust and professionalism, not opulence and wealth. Men may be extremely proud of their flashy Rolexes, but do you really think it’s such a good idea to point it out in front of buyers who make roughly $50,000 per year? Resume your attire to simple accessories such as casual bracelets and simple necklaces, and people will have more confidence.

Don’t show too much skin

This rules addresses to women who want to make an impression. Short skirts, deep cleavages, and transparent blouses, must never be worn at the office. It’s impossible to make others trust your competences if your attire doesn’t reflect professionalism. Stick to classic suits, skirts by the knee, and formal dresses only if you want to close a negotiation to your advantage. Whether you’re thinking to ask for a raise or you have to deal with important sales, efficient negotiations can end up with great results if you trust outfits denotes poise.

The business world is like a fierce battlefield where only the best of the best will succeed. Office clothes may not reflect your bubbly personality but they’re important for others. Customers, employees, and investors, must be treated with the utmost respect, and for that to happen a formal outfit is compulsory. An office dress code must be respected from head to toe if you want to make a good impression, so you might want to leave that expensive Pandora necklace at home while you’re negotiating a business deal.

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