Coastal Workforce Development Board Issues Website RFP

2019-03-03 by Jim Crickell
 Coastal Workforce Development Board  Issues Website RFP
Coastal Workforce Development Board Issues Website RFP

The Coastal Workforce Development Board (CWDB) is seeking to contract with a professional marketing and community relations agency with demonstrated experience in brand strategy, digital outreach, and website design and maintenance. The awarded vendor shall provide professional services to the CWDB and shall update and maintain WorkSource Coastal’s digital presence through our website and social media sites growing the new workforce system local identifier, WorkSource Coastal, in order to increase the number of adult, dislocated worker, and youth services provided to jobseekers and businesses in WorkSource Coastal’s seven American Job Centers. Electronic submissions will not be accepted for this proposal.


In August 2016, the Georgia Department of Economic Development-Workforce Division completed the development of the WorkSource Georgia unified brand, resulting in a single, statewide universal brand with aligned identities, represented by common names and logos for Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDAs) and the state’s one-stop system. The establishment of a unified brand for the state workforce system will leverage the collective strength of the system and enhance customer awareness and use of vital employment and training services, providing greater clarity and consistency about the Georgia workforce system’s mission and role. Additionally, the use of a statewide brand across all 19 LWDAs will further assist Georgia in achieving the one-stop system vision set forth in the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act.

Scope of Work:

Scope of Services

WorkSource Coastal is responsible for the delivery of workforce development services throughout the ten county Coastal Region. A variety of workforce services are provided to meet the needs of employers, job seekers, adults, dislocated workers, veterans, and youth. The goal of the agency is to provide reliable and valid information so customers can make informed decisions about training and employment; connect customers to other service providers in the system and the community; help customers access diverse funding sources for training; and provides quality job matching services for employers and job seekers.
The successful proposer shall provide the following services:
Specific deliverables which must be provided are identified, but agencies may propose additional deliverables that contribute to the successful completion of the project and meet overall project objectives. Proposals from qualified firms will need to identify how they will achieve the following goals and objectives:

• Provide webmaster services by creating and posting content to all appropriate media distribution outlets.

• Provide all writing, digital design integration, and daily monitoring and maintenance of WSC website(s).

• Provide on-going website and social media maintenance.

• Provide a project manager to work with WorkSource Coastal staff on streamlining messaging internally and externally, including website and social media.

• Create protocols that will enable maximum impact whenever WorkSource Coastal staff interacts with the public.

• Create a series of ongoing trainings for staff to align messaging and implement protocols in=order to align contracted services under the WorkSource Coastal system.

• Establish actionable, measurable outreach goals for the WorkSource Coastal administrative team.

• Create media campaigns to promote the WorkSource Coastal One Stop and Job Centers system and offerings, specific programs across the ten (10) county region and individual events/opportunities that will fit the target audience.

• Provide a digital outreach campaign that will inform the public on the fundamentals of the WorkSource Coastal Workforce System and provide consistent messaging across the ten county region.

• Creative elements should include:
1. Website updates.
2. Website and social media content development and maintenance.

• Provide follow up and ongoing evaluation as needed.

The successful proposer shall have demonstrated successful experience in brand strategy and internal communications.

Due Date:

March 7, 2019


Savannah Civic Center, Simms Room
301 W. Oglethorpe Avenue, 2nd Floor
Purchasing Division, Savannah Civic Center
Savannah, GA 31401

Relevant experienced agencies include Hunter PR and Makovsky PR.