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In news from Colorado Springs, the old adage about “how high the Rockies are” pretty much rings true even these days. Two fairly disassociated stories come into view as Colorado’s legalized medicinal marijuana industry seems to boom, and even highly regarded PR peeps seem super upbeat. What do Colorado medical marijuana centers and Vladimir Jones President Meredith Vaughan have in common? Well, let’s see.

What if we reported that Rocky Mountain Remedies way up there in Steamboat Springs has something like 100 unique pot products jumping off the shelves? Would the two dozen strains of medical marijuana, select hashes, even “pot soda” tweak your interest? Before I go on, let’s get one thing clear. I agree wholeheartedly with people in pain using THC to avert misery – now onward.

Colorado Weed MapsCalmer Heads Should Prevail

The seemingly thriving dope business in the high recesses of Steamboat and other spots actually sheds a calm and logical light on the way the pot business should be – sort of. Reading this article in Steamboat  Today, a blissful calm came over me. “I wonder if they are infusing pot into the digital landscape? Colorado is definitely having so called “growing pains,” these folks even have a convenient “weed map.”  But where does Meredith Vaughan fit into this equation (let alone this rambling commentary)? Forward thinking, even correct thinking maybe?

After one absorbs the fact that stores dish out quantities of weed like flowing molasses, when the free logic of this sinks in (the WTF could it hurt aspect), that calm moment over the simple idea (or vision) that pot is legal – maybe that is clear and innovative bliss? No, I did not just burn one. The point is, however I stumbled across the Vladimir Jones Agency, or the owner Meredith Vaughan, “remedies” flooded my mind. Then I read one of her articles over at AdAge (you know, we are listed there). Let’s just say I like her remedy for meanness.

Say No To Being Nasty

How to Change Our Culture of Meanness is an eloquent expression of what all nice people (yes idealists) would project onto even the business world. “Why can’t we be civil?” As Meredith points out:

“We need to institute an industry-wide policy of niceness. Of respect. And recognition that we’re all working our knuckles to the bone for the same thing — success — however we define it. A code of courtesy and good sportsmanship that will lead to civil, if not downright pleasant, interactions between agencies.”

Agency President Meredith VaughanMaybe here is where the connection between pot and PR come in? You may be thinking; “Yep, everyone over there at Vladimir Jones is high as a kite.” But here is the kicker. Even if they are, they are right about a lot of things. We won’t go into client successes and accolades here. In all honesty, if you need more than pure symbolic indicators of excellence – well, in my normative mind you will never achieve a true dream state of perceptual awareness of others. Yes, Vladimir Jones is successful, blah – blah. More importantly though, the person in charge has her head screwed on straight.

Here we all are, as Meredith says – striving for the same success really. My partner Mihaela, me, so many of our team, pretty much live by the same sort of dogma this lady seems to. Let’s be honest, how many of you reading this have poured out kindness onto contemporaries – only to have them sharpen their claws on your flesh?

Did you ever wonder if those people ended up better off somehow, burning bridges like firewood? Okay, we have all toasted a connection or two, we are human. Just who can afford mean spiritedness any more?

Free Samples of Kindness

I will wrap this up with some transparency. I do not know Meredith Vaughan, only what Google can provide a skilled web addict. Doing new client research, I ran across a Vladimir Jones ad for a social guru of sorts. This led me into the “rabbit hole” obviously. I decided to reveal this lady to a bunch of people. There in Colorado, in the news, and to you our readers. Frankly it is a Machiavellian effort to a degree. Good prince, in that I wish someone would do it for me – bad prince, in that I already suggested a business collaboration with Vladimir Jones.

Life is hard. We should engage in more gentle persuasions, honest and kind interaction. In an ideal world we are all successful – pot is not the least of our evils – and sincere mentions gain a simple thank you (and of course free pot samples). Phil out for now.

Cannabis Therapeutics

Cannabis Therapeutics owner Michael Lee – what a kind face

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