Columbus Public Health CPH: POOL SAFETY MEDIA CAMPAIGN 2024

Scope of Work – Pool Safely

Due Date: 3/35/24

Web link: file:///C:/Users/cbettencourt/Downloads/02CDF0D3-A61A-4ED0-B598-30B654C36054%20(1).pdf

The contractor is required to complete media outlet activities to increase the exposure/view of the campaign through static image advertising that will run on social media to include Facebook.

This campaign will be targeting different populations based on target age range and residential geographies.

As part of the application process, Applicants should include:

• About Us

• Recommended Scope of Work to be provided

• Recommended time frame & Targeting with rationale

• Up to 3 References

• No more than 2 Case Studies

• No longer than 10 pages

Below are the contractors’ responsibilities:

• The contractor is responsible for signing agreement where they commit to setup and management of internet advertising

• Contractor will provide a final report to include Impressions, Clicks, and Reach

• Contractor is also responsible for creating Pool Safely ads

• Contractor will not exceed $8,800

Preferred Qualifications:

• Familiarity and/ or prior experience with the Pool Safely Campaign

• Understanding of the VGB Act of 2008

Payments & Invoicing

• Proposal must include a breakdown of monthly billing.

• Payment will be processed monthly as invoiced.

• Invoices must include all details pertaining to scope of work performed.

Target Audience: Residential Pool Owners

Target Audiences:

• Age Group: Adults 20+ – Greater Columbus; particularly those working in neighborhoods with zip codes 43213,

43215, 43223, 43228, 43229, 43232, 43235.

Advertising Coverage Area:

Advertising Medium:

• Digital media (Social Media & YouTube)

Campaign Time Frame:

• Spring – Fall

• Media campaign coverage will range through all seasons; setting up a Pool in the spring, Water safety

in the summer, and how to prepare to close a pool in the fall.

• Spring – Media buy period will begin March (Setups) through May 2024

• Summer – Media buy period will begin June (Setups) through July 2024

• Fall – Media buy period will begin August (Setups) through September 2024

Columbus Public Health to Provide

• CPH will provide bullet points for creative and messaging for Facebook

• CPH will provide video for YouTube

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