Common SEO Challenges for Companies


One of the only constants in the SEO industry is change. While it might feel like those changes are out of the control of companies, there’s plenty that’s leftover that companies can control, more specifically the way they react to change. However, there are certain challenges that companies tend to come across in their SEO efforts no matter how much they work to improve their rankings.


Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. Unlike paid search efforts, it takes time for companies to see the results from organic search, and that usually tends to be a culmination of smaller SEO efforts. One way that companies can improve their search engine results pages (SERPs) rankings is by investing in content marketing efforts or technical SEO strategies. However, the most important opportunity for companies to improve their low ranking on search engine results pages is to develop a long-term SEO strategy that focuses on several different initiatives at the same time.

Changes to algorithms

One of the biggest challenges that companies face when it comes to ranking higher on search engine results pages and improving SEO efforts are changes to search engine algorithms. This should come as no surprise because search engines tend to run hundreds of experiments, which results in many changes to the way their algorithms function. Most companies find these changes quite overwhelming, especially in terms of figuring out the best way to succeed with their SEO efforts when the goalposts are constantly shifting. The best way to do this is by strategically responding to each change to the algorithm.

Companies should stay on top of current trends and industry news for SEO changes. If there are any significant changes to algorithms, people in the SEO industry will likely start talking about it, as well as about potential solutions to the new changes. The other way that companies can deal with changes to search engine algorithms is by waiting until things have calmed down after a search engine changes its algorithm. This might sound counterintuitive, but it’s quite effective. That’s because in many cases when a search engine discovers that a change isn’t generating the desired results, those changes are reverted. On the other hand, if a change is more permanent, by the time the dust settles, companies can figure out the best way to navigate the new changes to the algorithm.

Keyword research

The foundation of every SEO effort is keywords and keyword research. However, these days, instead of simply scanning for keywords, search engines tend to analyze websites in detail to get a better understanding of the relevancy, tone, and scope of a given website. That means companies can’t be using keyword stuffing as an effective SEO strategy. Instead, the main goal of SEO efforts should be to understand the intent that users have or the problems they’re trying to solve when using search engines. With this information, companies can execute better keyword research and create content that’s based on that research.

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