SEO Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

For many digital businesses and brands looking to achieve success through SEO, putting all of their efforts into SEO can be quite tempting. However, if those businesses aren’t careful, the efforts can quickly backfire. It’s really easy to implement SEO as a marketing and PR tool, but it’s quite difficult to completely master it. With a well-developed SEO strategy, companies can improve their search traffic.  But a bad strategy can result in ruining a website’s search engine ranking. 

Most of the time, search engines look to provide users with the best and most accurate, useful, and high-quality results that match up with their keywords. The first step of any company’s SEO strategy should be to make a website that’s user-friendly and transparent, and that provides valuable content. 

Google Analytics

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when implementing SEO strategies is not using the data that’s provided by Google Analytics to improve their SEO. The website analytics  tool from Google is the most popular business tool offered by Google. It’s able to track both user interactions and website traffic across a website. It allows  businesses to learn about where they’re getting their traffic from and how people are interacting with their website. It can track conversions and note which pages are the most popular. Without this useful tool, companies will have a tough time creating an effective SEO strategy that tracks the progress of their SEO efforts.

On the other hand, there are some companies that don’t set up their Google Analytics the right way. Some businesses end up adding the tracking code provided by Google in the wrong places, adding multiple tracking codes, or even setting up filters that don’t show the right data. The easiest strategy here is to simply install the tracking code according to Google’s own instructions, and to avoid adding any additional data filters.


Another frequent mistake that companies make  is providing  very little or even duplicate website content. Pages that have little or no content on them make it difficult for any search engine to understand what the website is about, because in that case there’s no content for it  to target keywords with . At the end of the day, it won’t matter if the target audience understands the purpose behind a website if the website is never seen because it doesn’t get any visitors.

Adding content– especially content that both uses natural language and incorporates relevant keywords– increases the chances of a company’s  website being seen and receiving increased traffic .   There’s no exact amount of content a website should have, as this largely depends on the topic of the page. However,  every page needs to have some content. With content   a company’s website can benefit from improved SEO, and achieve some of the foundational elements of other types of digital marketing.

Finally, there’s also the mistake of adding too many keywords to the content on a website, also known as keyword stuffing. While this is a strategy that used to work to manipulate search engine rankings, search engine algorithms have changed, and now it’s become a lot more difficult for businesses to rely on this strategy. That’s why Google has guidelines in place to help businesses avoid some of these big SEO mistakes.

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