Marketing strategies for pizza

Pizza marketing can be simple. The problem is that there are a lot of pizza restaurants. Compared to other cuisine types, pizzerias tend to face a lot of competition. With every restaurant claiming to have the best pizza in town , the pizza business can be extremely competitive. If a pizzeria intends to witness growth in its customer base, it needs to build strong relationships with its customers. Given below are tips that would encourage loyalty from customers.

Offer something unique

A pizzeria can be different from other pizzerias in many ways. Customers have different tastes and needs. Offering pizza by the slice can be a great option for customers who come by themselves and prefer to eat alone. Offering a combo of pizza and drinks will also attract customers. A pizzeria can have an exciting theme or a chef can try out new twists in their recipes of classic pizza. If a pizzeria offers classic pizza, then the pizza should be better than its competitors.


People can come across a brand or a brand can be put in front of people. A pizzeria can show up during an online search for relevant terms like ‘pizza parlor’. It is important to plan keywords. Keywords can be single words or they can be three or more words. There are plenty of keyword planning tools that are available that can help to prioritize certain keywords over others. There should be a list of terms that would have a pizzeria appear in search results. When customers are looking to order food, it is important to show up at the right time. The homepage of the website of a pizzeria should also include keywords.

Offer discounts and convenience in delivery

Regular discounts can be appealing for customers, so can free delivery if it is offered when an order of a certain value is placed. Discounts can be offered on certain days of the week such as “Cheesy Tuesdays’ or ‘ Turbulent Thursdays ‘. Offers can also be given for a limited period of time and can be associated with particular holidays. First- time buyers can be given free delivery so that they can be motivated to try out the pizzeria.

Collaborate with a non-profit

Getting into a partnership with a non-profit that has similar values can be very effective. This shows the commitment of a business to its community and also increases its exposure. For instance, Timber Pizza Company had collaborated with the non-profit, Hearts of Empowerment and the business had provided local low-income families with lunches every Saturday throughout an entire month. During the pandemic, serving under-resourced people had come across as an extremely humane gesture.

Create a digital rewards program

Millennials and GenZ might treat plastic punch cards with suspicion. Digital rewards program that would help customers to easily redeem and earn rewards would not only serve as an effective marketing strategy but would also eliminate the expense for printing plastic cards.

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