Why Companies Should Communicate their Financial Successes

jonah engler on communicating success

What is that saying about everybody and loving winners? Of course, it is a good idea to share your successes, financial and otherwise, with your community and beyond. But what are the specific reasons for sharing your financial successes?

In part that may depend on if you are a privately owned or publicly-traded entity. Let’s assume you are a publicly traded company. Your company will be valued by what your share price is in relation to similar companies. So, the better your public image is regarding financial successes; the higher your share price will climb. If you also frequently communicate the company’s goals, concerns that you address with your product, and in what way you plan to make the world a better place with your ideas, services and products, the more opportunities you will have to report successes.

Such ideas need a well-developed plan to follow. Your company should always be planning for the next opportunities to report new successes. That plan should include communication with the public beginning early in the process. If you include the public, investors and employees as you are still pulling your ideas together, you allow them to invest themselves, their energy and finances into your idea – jumping on the bandwagon and ensuring a greater possibility of success.

In these days of social media, with the right skills and help from people who do this for a living, you could do frequent updates about your company’s climb toward accomplishing your financial goals. But you will want to make sure you have a set plan you follow to use all the resources available to you, especially those people and entities that have experience. Public relations and social media in a corporate situation should not be done by someone without advanced skills. Remember, even if you pay top dollar for those who know how and do it in the various social media platforms, the cost of doing so will likely be minimal in comparison to running a one-time print ad in a major publication.

If you have a product to sell, there will always be a group of people who look for the most successful brand of that product. Make sure your company is aiming to hold that spot in the public’s perception. That should be at least one corporate goal.

Yes, it is true that everybody loves a winner – it is also true that everybody loves to BE a winner. Allow your company, your employees, your investors and any other members of the public that can move you forward to become a part of the success and celebrate the successes to a wider and wider public following.

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