ConversionPipeline Hired by Tuneek

Conversion Pipeline

ConversionPipeline is now the agency of record for Tuneek, the first online custom songwriting service run by professionals. Tuneek has hired the PR firm to handle the launch of the company’s website and to handle everything to do with promotion for the company. Conversion Pipeline will be running marketing campaigns and handling the media.

Tuneek offers a unique service to their clients. They provide custom songs for any occasion, tailoring them to the client’s specifications. If the customer has their own lyrics, such as for a wedding, the company will turn that into a tune appropriate for the event.

They have worked with people to create unique song for retirement parties, wedding vows, graduation songs, birthday celebrations, and memorial services.

ConversionPipeline is a strategic marketing communications firm that works almost entirely with small businesses and non-profit organizations. They have taken on the job of providing full media coverage for Tuneek. They offer their clients a number of services, including social media, strategy planning, branding services and communications, among others.

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