COUNTY OF VENTURA REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL #6125 Ventura County Public Works Agency (VCPWA) Marketing and Branding Services

Due Date: October 6, 2023

3.1 Scope of Work

The following provides a general overview of the specific work assignments the Ventura County Public Works Agency (VCPWA) will expect the selected firm to complete. These should not be considered an exhaustive listing of tactics to be employed to meet the goal stated above. VCPWA welcomes offeror’s recommendations to add strategies and tactics to this list that can further enhance VCPWA’s ability to create awareness of its vision and mission.

1. Public Awareness/Media Relations

■ Propose and implement an internal, local and regional (Tri-Counties) media- relations strategy that elevates the exposure of VCPWA to identified audiences via regional news and media organizations such as: VC Reporter, Ventura County Star, The Acorn, Ojai Valley News, local radio, television and social media.

■ Proactively develop strategy to provide media engagement (for other than Board of

Supervisors actions or emergency/disasters) and opportunities for media coverage and work to facilitate that coverage.

■ Schedule and support VCPWA public and media relations activities with various civic organizations for VCPWA spokespeople.

■ Draft news releases, advisories, and backgrounders to promote VCPWA programs, services and events, and generate placement of the same with local/regional news and media organizations.

■ Monitor and report on effectiveness of VCPWA’s news releases, story pitches, and activities.

■ Generate measurable increase in media coverage of VCPWA’s services and activities.

■ Develop monthly e newsletters, with print publications Bi-annually (May and October) with relevant, engaging material for staff and other stake holders.

■ Provide event planning, facilitation, support and/or content for three VCPWA events.

1) VCPWA’s flagship event is the annual APWA National Public Works Week attended by approximately 1,000 people every May and held at the County of Ventura Government Center.

2) The annual VCPWA State of the Agency “all hands” meeting is conducted in four 3- hour sessions held within 1 week and is attended by all 399 VCPWA employees and dignitaries. The goal of the meeting is to create a wider understanding within the VCPWA teams of each departments’ varied work and projects that will lead to a sense of awareness and pride in working for VCPWA.

3) The annual Executive Planning Session is strategic planning session attended by approximately 70 VCPWA management. The curriculum is varied yet designed to promote and enhance the Agency’s True North: Dedicated to Innovation and Excellence.

■ Produce the VCPWA’s internal newsletter “The WORKS” by providing topic suggestions, staff interviews, write copy, edit articles, provide newsletter via electronic means for uploading to our VCPWA internet and intranet websites. Ten issues of e-copies are published per year. Twice a year for special events, provide 800 hardcopies of the newsletter for distribution to all employees and public.

■ Book speaking engagements at least quarterly for VCPWA managers where they may be interviewed by reporter covering those meetings and conferences.

2. Website/Social Media

■ Collaborate with the VCPWA IT staff and Website Committee to evaluate and recommend enhancements to the company web pages and promote those pages appropriately to the relevant audiences. Monitors of success should be provided.

■ Develop and implement in close cooperation with the leadership team a robust social media outreach targeting the appropriate audience on multiple social media platforms in a

strategized communications flow that emphasizes engagement.

■ Provide ideas for content, write copy and/or edit articles for both the internet and intranet websites.

■ Provide support with critical Emergency response posts when needed.

■ Provide ideas and a strategy to use other electronic/social media.

3. Other Services

■ Spanish translation of specific materials is required.

■ Work with VCPWA departments to research, write, edit, design and produce capabilities brochures helping them sustain current business and win new business for their


■ Provide design and printing management services for these materials and ensure they reach their intended audiences in a timely way.

■ Provide other public relations services as needed.

■ Ability to provide Drone coverage/filming.

The Scope of Work should include three major components: Public Awareness/Media Relations; Web and Interactive Media; and Reputation and Branding. Offerors are asked to provide samples of relevant work which demonstrate the ability to provide support in each major component. Offerors must complete a comprehensive action plan for how they will approach each of the categories listed above; the budget page should itemize anticipated costs for fulfilling the expectations.

The submitted Scope of Work should include thorough discussion of the ways in which the vendor can augment the VCPWA’s reputation and use of its brand to generate awareness of and mission to be the regional leader providing public works services. Anticipated outcome might include encouraging/facilitating municipal, state and federal support of VCPWA programs and services; developing strategic alliances with major players in the areas of water, infrastructure and other areas closely associated with VCPWA’s realm of services. Enhanced coordination with trade publications is desired.

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