Provide Customer Service Like a Boss: Best Website Plug-ins

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Any boss worth his salt knows that he can’t leave all the customer service duties to his employees; he has to be willing to let himself be a part of the team, also. One way to do this is to provide employees and customers with the best plug-ins that are available.

If you are your own boss, then you may be wondering how you can do this. After all, you work for yourself. This doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the latest plug-ins will let you have better contact with your readers.

Speed Up Your Site

Cache plug-ins are currently available. These plug-ins allow for faster loading of blog pages while not adding any additional processing steps. This allows you to get your blog out faster without having to worry about “downtime” while it is being loaded and disseminated.

As spam increases, so too will computer users’ demands for more powerful spam blockers. Once activated, these blockers will reduce or eliminate the number of comment spam entries that can clog up your website. Many of the new spam blocker plug-ins will provide this service at no extra charge; you only pay for one- or multi-license usage, depending on which type you want.

Plug-ins to Manage Your Site

Response counters are now available that record the number of responses that come from social networking and similar sites. These new plug-ins will let you see the responses that were generated from your online surveys without you having to go through several steps just to do this.

If you are not already inter-linking your articles to one another, you need to be. Inter-link plugins can make this easy to do. Inter-linking your articles means that you will receive more recognition on various search engines. They do this by interlinking keywords that subsequently send readers to your other articles. This not only increases readership but also will help you advance on search rankings since advancement sometimes comes as a result of website “hits.”

Do you already have a good following for your blog? If so, why not make it easy for your readers to find other articles that you have written. Related Posts plugins let you do this by showing your other articles in link form. The links appear either right above or just below your post, making it easy for them to access your other related articles.

Get Feedback to Improve Your Site

If you’re not sure your readers want this, why not use some online surveys to ask them? Or, why not ask them what they would like to see you write about? Improving your site is essential in keeping readers interested and on your blog page. By including surveys on your site, you can find out what would interest your readers and what things could be improved.

Bottom Line

Research may be required to find the best plug-ins, but plug-ins are vital tools to making your site successful.

We will see the introduction of many new plug-ins. Some of these will help you keep up with your web traffic while others will help you improve the way your online survey software and other programs works.

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