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Sheneicka Ogwuegbu

Procurement Analyst

Dallas College

Procurement Department Service Center

4343 IH-30, West Building Mesquite, TX 75150 972-860-7607]



1. Overview

1.1 Dallas College is issuing this Request for Qualification (RFQL) for professional services to understand your qualifications and proven success in Traditional Media and Digital Media Planning and Buying, specifically in the areas of Media Strategy Development, Media Research & Analysis, Media Buying & Negotiation, Partnerships & Sponsorships, Performance, Tracking & Optimization and Emerging Media Exploration. As a public higher education institution, Dallas College is focused on building its brand equity and perception through creative, integrated marketing and efficient media. Therefore, we seek a pool of partners who can deliver strategic counsel, effective communication strategies and seamless execution with keen focus on the following.

 Deep understanding of Dallas County and its residents as it relates to demographics, media consumption habits and efficient ways to reach them.

 Audience intelligence, leveraging advanced data analytics and audience segmentation tools.

 Building comprehensive audience profiles and media consumption insights

 Utilizing data management platforms (DMPs) and other data-driven solutions

 Expertise in programmatic advertising across various channels (display, video, mobile, etc.)

 Proven success in developing advanced programmatic strategies and audience targeting.

 Expertise in higher education, including building brand loyalty and perceptions for similar institutions is a plus.

1.2 We are committed to transparency, professionalism, and collaboration throughout the selection process. Our goal is to identify a pool of partners who can collaborate closely with us to manage our business with sensitivity, responsiveness, and a commitment to upholding our reputation and values.

2. Purpose

2.1 This request for qualifications (RFQL) invites experienced, qualified companies and individuals to submit qualifications for inclusion in a pool to provide Media Planning & Buying services inclusive of Traditional and Digital Media Strategy Development, Planning, Research & Analysis, Buying & Negotiation, Measurement and Attribution & Emerging Media and Technology Adoption.

2.2 Procure and agency pool that has demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required scope Agency, must have a deep understanding of the Texas Region, Dallas Hispanic Communities, and Dallas African American Communities given the below demographics

Scope of Work

1. Media Strategy Development

1.1 Conduct quarterly comprehensive market research and competitor analysis to understand the media landscape.

1.2 Develop a customized media strategy aligned with the client’s goals, target audience, and budget.

1.3 Recommend optimal media channels and their respective allocation based on reach, impact, and cost-effectiveness.

1.4 Consider factors like:

1.4.1 Demographics and psychographics of the target audience

1.4.2 Available media channels and their strengths and weaknesses

1.4.3 Campaign timeline and budget constraints

1.4.4 Seasonality and current market trends

2 Media Buying & Negotiation

2.1 Negotiate competitive rates and placements with selected media vendors.

2.2 Secure the most advantageous terms and conditions, including bonus inventory, make-goods, and reporting provisions.

2.3 Leverage agency relationships and buying power to obtain best possible pricing and value.

2.4 Ensure all agreements are documented and clearly communicated to the client.

2.5 Review of all invoices, negotiation, and resolution of billing discrepancies.

2.6 Media Invoices

3 Campaign Management, Optimization & Reporting

3.1 Implement the approved media plan, managing creatives, ad placements, and budgets across platforms.

3.2 Monitor campaign performance in real-time using industry-standard reporting tools.

3.3 Analyze data and identify areas for improvement through ongoing optimization.

3.4 Adjust creatives, placements, and targeting based on performance data.

3.5 Communicate campaign performance and optimization efforts to the client regularly (Bi-weekly to Monthly depending on Media Channel).

3.6 Provide comprehensive quarterly campaign reports with key metrics aligned with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

3.7 Analyze campaign performance in relation to industry benchmarks and competitor activity.

3.8 Identify key insights and learnings for future campaigns.

3.9 Recommend future actions based on campaign results and evolving market trends.

3.10 Benchmark best in class media delivery & execution.

3.11 Create a DC media dashboard leverage industry best practices” This is what we will use to keep leadership updated.

4 Audience

4.1 Provide a narrative and case studies that demonstrate success in reaching general market, Hispanic market, and African American market.

4.2 Ensure you include proven success in planning, buying, optimizing, and monitoring diverse populations given the demographic make-up of Dallas County and Dallas College student population.

5 Agency Integration

5.1 Demonstrate agency collaboration and integration with other agency partners (e.g., Advertising,

Promotions, PR) to deliver and execute against the thematic big idea.

5.2 Outline your approach / philosophy when working in an integrated agency model when you are the lead agency and when you are a supporting agency.

5.3 Outline success and watchouts when operating in an integrated agency model.

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