Dani Levy Communications: PR Powerhouse In Israel

Dani Levy Communications: PR Powerhouse In Israel
Dani Levy Communications: PR Powerhouse In Israel

Dani Levy Communications was founded in 2007 and has quickly become one of Israel’s largest and most influential Communications Consulting and Public Relations firms. Dani Levy provides a variety of services for its prestigious clientele, who range from large local businesses to global multinational corporations. The firm works as an integral part of its clients’ day-to-day practices assisting clients with decision making as needed. 

Dani Levy Communications provides everything from public relations, crisis management, government and regulatory relations, ongoing spokesmanship services, media advocacy and campaigns, to general image management for their clients. The firm is well-versed in traditional media as well as being on the front lines of modern media.

Strategic Consulting and Effective Crisis Management 

When it comes to strategic and marketing consultations, Dani Levy Communications is one of the best. They believe the media strategyshould be planned out well ahead of any move. They study the landscape, assess the arena, and simulate various scenarios in order to discuss all the strategies available to their clients.

Some commercial businesses can come across regulatory challenges. Dani Levy Communications facilitates communication with the legislator and, if necessary, can help make inroads towards changing legislation. Additionally, Dani Levy Communications ensures its clients the brand’s messages are conveyed to the world in the most precise manner for optimal communication. 

Dani Levy Communications believe that every media crisis can be transformed into an opportunity. They help their clients look their best in any situation and are able to assist most clients in finding the source of the crisis and resolving it at the source. A well-known public relations slogan is, “a well-managed crisis is one no one ever hears about.” 

Dani Levy Communications: A Far-Reaching Network

Dani Levy Communications has been able to create an extensive business network availing a variety of services to prospective clients. Additionally, the firm is adept at handling intra-organizational communication. They realize most media leaks and crises originate from inside the organization and they know how to prevent them. Dani Levy Communications can teach its clients how to leverage its employees into being its biggest asset. 

Media advocacy and media campaigns is another area where Dani Levy Communications shines. They know how to place any story on the public agenda, either using traditional media, modern social media, or both, utilizing the most up-to-date techniques to achieve the client’s goals. 

Dani Levy Communications is based out of Tel-Aviv and is the leading Israeli agency that represents many  leading international brands, as well as numerous dominant tech corporations, VC’s, and startups. Some of their clients include: the Coca-Cola group, Samsung, Adidas, Lufthansa group, Bank Hapoalim, local “tech celebrity” Gett, Honda, Carlsberg, Johnnie Walker, The Fattal Hotels group, Hertz Group and others.

This firm offers a wide range of expertise to find detail-specific solutions that fit the needs of each individual client. Different size companies in different industries require different approaches, and Dani Levy Communications provides this for their clients. 

For companies needing PR in Israel there is no one better.

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