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Cheri Daniels, governor Mitch Daniels’ spouse, has recently made an appearance at a Republican Party fundraiser, giving a memorable speech, according to those present. She charmed the crowds, speaking about the projects she loves, but made no comment regarding the speculations that her husband would run for president.

As her husband may announce his bid for the White House any day now, the media was more than inquisitive, particularly Norman Cox of 6News who reported that Daniels avoided reporters afterward, and that the governor’s press secretary, Jane Jankowski advised journalists not to approach her. Cox insisted, and was eventually prevented from getting within hailing distance by an Indiana State Police trooper.

PR experts cited by The Indy Channel agreed that it’s Cheri Daniels’ right not speak to reporters at this moment, but that ” she’ll eventually have to do it if her husband runs and hopes to win.”

Indeed, it would be too soon now to have her answering about her husband’s projects, unless an official announcement is in place, and it would be somehow inappropriate to get a confirmation from the spouse instead of hearing the news from the governor himself. But the media would do anything for an exclusive, and if she doesn’t know it already, Cheri Daniels has to learn to deal with tough questions:

“Eventually, if she’s going to be the spouse of someone running for president, she’s going to have to get used to it,” – said Franklin College journalism professor Ray Begovich, cited by The Indy Channel. If he is indeed running, Mitch Daniels should be already doing formal training sessions with his wife. In fact, all public speakers need special training in dealing with the media, to prevent possible PR crises.

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