Danville, California Seeks Marketing Agency

Danville, California Seeks Marketing Agency

The Town of Danville, California is seeking a qualified firm with public sector brand development experience, to develop a distinctive Community Branding and Marketing Plan.

With approximately 43,000 residents, Danville is primarily a residential community located in southern Contra Costa County, just off I-680.  Well-regarded for its unique small-town feel,  charming historic  downtown, distinguished school  district and prestigious parks and  trails,  Danville is  also  within 40  miles  of  three   international airports, and is a short  drive  from three  BART stations and two major business parks.

With  its  downtown, a broad variety of commercial and  office  space,  strong support services   and   business-friendly attitude,  Danville offers  a  unique blend   of  business advantages and  lifestyle  appeal.   Danville’s historic downtown features independent retail shops, restaurants, a museum, community theatre, art galleries and pleasant public facilities that draw people from throughout the region.   The community enjoys natural creeks, hiking and biking trails, community parks, and dedicated open space.   Danville is also home to the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site, commonly referred to as the Tao House—home to America’s only Nobel Prize winning playwright Eugene O’Neill.

Since  2006,  the  Town’s   economic development  activities  have   been   guided by  an Economic  Development Strategy, which  included a program of activities to  promote Danville as a regional shopping and  dining destination of choice,  yielding the  current “Shop Danville First” branding. Moving forward, guiding principles will realign to those outlined in the recently adopted 2016-2021 Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (the Plan).  The goals and policies in the Plan reflect a shift in focus from the tactical and retail-oriented nature to a more comprehensive economic approach that involves the community as a whole.   Goals acknowledge fiscal drivers, small businesses, economic development and marketing, and the quality of place as the key factors in Danville’s economic vitality.

The goal for this effort is to develop a distinctive brand identity for the Town of Danville that matches the Town’s vision and mission. The brand identity, included as a part of a Branding and Marketing Plan, will be used to promote all Town marketing efforts (from economic development, services   and   facilities to recreation classes and   community events).   The brand identity will also be used in all Town-related communications using multiple communication channels, including but not limited to:  signage, social media, Town websites, print and online marketing collateral and other efforts to be used by all Town departments.

The overall responsibility and   scope of work   is to prepare a unified Branding and Marketing Plan for the Town of Danville.  This Plan is to include: goals, objectives, branding collateral, implementation measures and schedule.

The hired firm must also develop a Community Branding and Marketing Plan that includes:

  1. Defining how the brand and messaging can be used across all departments in the Town of Danville.
  2. Identifying target markets as well as advertising and communications channels for the Town.
  3. Marketing strategies for future marketing and media messaging.
  4. Social medial strategy guidelines that expand social media engagement and reach across all platforms used by the Town.
  5. An implementation matrix that prioritizes and includes timelines and estimate costs associated with each implementation measure.
  6. Develop three initial brand identity concepts that align with the vision and mission of Danville.
  7. Present the draft CBMP and brand identity concepts to Town staff and ultimately to Town Council, where the consultant will receive input.
  8. Develop a final CBMP and brand identity based on Town Council feedback.

Elements shall include a branding logo, tagline and style guide, which shall be delivered to the Town in native file format (fonts, graphics, templates, etc.).

Proposal due by September 12, 2016 to:

Jill Bergman
Economic Development Manager
Town of Danville
(925) 314-3369

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