Darling Agency to Work With Best Cheese

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Darling Agency, an advertising agency founded by Jeroen Bours who is best known for his collaboration on the Mastercard “Priceless” campaign with Joyce King Thomas, has announced their selection by Best Cheese. The leading cheese company chose Darling due to the results of a one month review.

During the review, the Darling Agency presented the best customer education concept and thus became Best Cheese’s first agency of record. They will be handling social media, radio marketing and online advertising, using a $1 million advertising budget. The first campaign will launch this month.

Darling Agency founder and ceo Jeroen Bours says, “Fifteen years ago, wine used to be, ‘white for fish and red for meat.’ People today are more educated. We thought, why can’t we bring that education to cheese, and go beyond the omelette and macaroni? We have here a 900-year Dutch cheese tradition that needs to be told and shared in all kinds of ways.”

Best Cheese handles 20 different Dutch cheese brands, which include FarmGouda and Coach Farm. This is their first real advertising adventure.

Best Cheese president Steve Margarites states, “Look at what’s happening now with Food Network and Iron Chef. Popular interest in cooking at home is exploding. Darling was able to show us a sophisticated and creative way to let consumers in on all that Dutch cheeses have to offer.”

Darling Agency is well suited to the job. While the firm is relatively new, they already have notable clients, including Larry Selmon’s, Hamilton Beach, and Yeshiva University, New York.

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