The Benefits of a Degree in Public Relations

Public relations as a profession.


Public relations is the art of controlling information between the public and particular brands. These brands may include an individual, product, company or organization. Public relations professionals aim to influence the public to perceive the brand in a certain way. To achieve this, experts often use multimedia or events to deliver the message to their audience.

As traditional marketing becomes less effective in today’s market, the importance of public relations continues to grow. This growth creates a need for more public relations experts to fill positions. Still, the competition is strong, and candidates must set themselves apart to get good positions in the field.

In truth, most public relations professionals do not have a degree in public relations. They often made the leap to the field after specializing in other areas. Set yourself apart by earning a degree in public relations. Prove to prospective employers you know what you want, and your career in public relations was no last minute decision when other opportunities failed to work out.

Benefits of Studying Public Relations

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons you should study public relations.

  1. Get a Job Right out of College. Most college graduates leave school only to find the job market does not always provide opportunities in their field. But, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, expects the public relations field to grow 23% through 2020. This is faster than all other fields, and almost guarantees a job when you graduate.
  2. Freedom to Innovate. Even musicians and artists often find their freedom limited by themes and requirements clients thrust on them. In public relations, clients want visibility. They know a unique approach is necessary to cut through the noise of other brands. This allows public relations experts the freedom to be as creative and different as possible to catch the public eye for the right reasons.
  3. Universal Demand: Many other careers offer the prospect of rewarding experiences and good salaries. But, many of them need you to stay rooted in one location. This is true for lawyers, psychologists and many business people due to the unique demands of their jobs. As a public relations professional, a universal demand means you can travel the world on assignments for your company. Or, you can migrate and still count on the usefulness of the experience and accreditation you gained elsewhere.

Top Programs

Students may study public relations at both the graduate and undergraduate levels on any continent on earth. But, not all universities offer programs in the field. Education Portal declares the University of Southern California, University of Texas, and the Syracuse University as the three best public relations programs in the country. US News and World Report give these programs a high ranking. It also notes that students can earn more than $50,000 per year after graduation.


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