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The Commission is in need of a local contractor able to operate on Alaska Standard Time and have an in-person response time no longer than 2 hours, to provide public relations, communication and graphic design services. The services required can be divided into four main areas: public relations, website management, document production/graphic design and social media management.

Scope of Work:

  • Annual Marketing Plan – The contractor shall attend all Commission’s and public meetings. The contractor shall prepare an annual marketing plan for the Commission each fiscal year. The first plan shall be due 30 days from the initial meeting with senior staff following contract award. In following years, the plan shall be due two weeks after the Commission’s vote on upcoming work plan for that year. The annual marketing plan shall include recommended press releases, recommended events for the Commission to participate in, clear messaging in alignment with the Commission’s five-year strategic plan, recommended messaging and copy updates to the Commission’s website (, and a plan for the Commission’s social media presence.
  • Press releases – The Commission requires press releases to be written and distributed to local and national media outlets as appropriate. The Commission may request to incorporate release information to the Alaskan Delegation. Commission press releases often announce newly awarded grants and completed projects funded by the Commission though could encompass a variety of topics. The contractor shall be available to meet with the Commission on short notice to discuss strategy prior to preparing press releases – within 4 hours. The Commission staff will provide the contractor with details on awards, projects, program partners and contact information for local residents impacted by the project or specific details related to the topic of release. Press releases shall need to be written within 48 hours of request and distributed within 24 hours of approval by Commission
  • Pitching articles and interviews to local and national outlets – The contractor shall develop story ideas promoting the work of the Commission in conjunction with Commission staff and then pitch them to local and national media outlets.
  • Prepping Commission staff for interviews – As media interview requests come in, the contractor must be available to meet and coach Commission staff, Denali Commissioners, and Grantees in preparation for media interviews and statements to ensure the Commission is presented in the best possible light. The requests may be with limited notice 
  • Preparing written statements and responses to press inquiries and articles published – In the event that it is determined an interview is not an appropriate response to a media inquiry or other press event related to the Commission the contractor shall recommend a response and prepare a written statement for the Commission. These responses are required to be completed within one day which on rare occasions may include weekends and holidays.
  • Alerting the Commission to events of interest for sponsorship/booth presence – The contractor shall monitor Alaska events such as conferences and tradeshows and educational opportunities and alert the Commission to events that the Commission should consider participating in as a way to enhance its image and promote its work. Areas of interest for the Commission include rural energy, rural healthcare, telemedicine, climate change, village/community relocation efforts, and rural transportation. This would include Alaskan Federation of Natives (AFN), Alaska Municipal League (AML), Alaska Rural Energy Conference, Alaska Forum and The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).
  • Monthly media coverage report – The contractor will prepare a monthly report detailing the press releases sent out, the stories pitched, and all media coverage generated as a result of these efforts. This report shall be prepared in an easy to read and easily distributable format. In addition to Commission staff, readers of this report will include the Denali Commissioners and the Alaska Delegation. The report will include the overall status report on the contract.
  • Video Content/Podcasts – The contractor may be required to provide video and podcasts content to accompany reports and upload them onto the Commission’s website (
  • Transcription Services/ Recordings of Commissioner’s Meetings – The Commission may have a need for transcription services when meeting in various locations which may include remote 

Due Date:

January 29th 2018


Agencies who may be considered include Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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