Different Types of Copy in Marketing and PR

Although the past year accelerated the digital trend, most people and companies around the world were already going digital long before that. Going digital goes hand-in-hand with digital marketing and a remote buying experience, which makes writing efficient and attractive copy essential for many companies. All pieces of content and copy should be used to convert the page visitors into buying customers.

Website Copy

These days, the face of any business is its website. Most industries have seen an improved performance on their websites in the past few months, which means instead of businesses seeing a very digital trend, they’re seeing an almost exclusively digital trend. 

However, one of the most common mistakes that many company websites make is not including their unique value proposition (UVP) right on the homepage. On average, any person who’s reading a website only spends about eight seconds reading the copy. That’s why they should get the company’s point in a handful of words. In that sentence or two, companies should explain what they have to offer to the consumers, why they are the best choice, and who their solutions are for.

Email Copy

When it comes to email copy, before reading an email, a person has to open it. Even if a company sends out the best email ever, the content of it is not going to matter if the target audience isn’t interested in opening it in the first place. With inboxes being crammed full of promotional emails, there is plenty of competition.

When creating email copy, companies should include a hook in the subject line of the email itself. Obviously, the content of the email itself is important, however, it’s the subject that’s going to get them to open that email. This is why personalization and appealing to the readers’ curiosity is so important when creating email copy.

Blog Copy

One of the best ways that companies can gain  attention, authority, and traction off  their website is through blog content. High-quality blog content is something that people are always looking for, especially if it’s valuable and informative. 

The headline of a blog post should pique viewers’ curiosity and be relevant to readers’ interests. When creating blog content, companies should focus on quality instead of quantity. That means offering quality both to the readers as well as journalists and search engines.

Social Media Copy

Companies that don’t have a social media presence will find it difficult to be seen by consumers and compete with other businesses. More than a simple social media presence, having content and ads on those platforms means reaching a large number of people, all with similar interests and values, and looking for a given company’s solutions.

With social media copy, it’s important for companies to make everything easy to read, compact, specific, and precise. Finally, no matter what type of copy a company is using, it should all be branded according to the branding guidelines from the business.

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