Digital RFP For Credit Bootcamp Issued

May 2, 2022

The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia (the “University”) seeks proposals

from qualified firms for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies to co-develop,

co-build and market one or more online asynchronous noncredit bootcamp(s) that are

supplemented with synchronous sessions in data analytics, digital skills and/or other

relevant subject areas as directed by the University. The firm should have the experience

and capacity to work with subject matter experts at the University to define, create and

support academic content, including the option to add an academic capstone experience

that would serve to convert the bootcamp(s) to graduate credit. Bootcamp(s) should

include student support and career services components, local employer project partners,

and result in industry certification(s).

Proposal Due Date: All proposals must be received by 3 PM EDT June 1, 2022. Firms

must submit one original proposal via the University’s Public Postings Page. To

submit/upload electronic proposals and view any updates or addenda, registering with the

University as a supplier is required. The University reserves the right to reject proposals

received after the proposal due date and time noted in this RFP. However, the University

may, at its complete and sole discretion, accept late proposals if acceptance of a late

proposal is determined to be in the best interest of the University.

Any trade secrets or proprietary information submitted with a proposal for which the firm

seeks protection from public disclosure must be clearly identified by the specific page

and section number in the proposal and accompanied by a suitable justification requesting




Department of Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

1001 North Emmet St, Carruthers Hall

P.O. Box 400202

Charlottesville, VA 22904-4202

Kevin Crabtree


NOTE: During the RFP process, all communication must be directed to the Buyer listed above. Any failure to adhere

to this requirement may result in the rejection of the firm’s proposal or cancellation of the RFP.

The University seeks proposals from experienced and innovative firms to provide Services

that include, the following:

1. Comprehensive marketing and recruitment plan and strategy for bootcamp(s),

executed in compliance with University brand guidelines and to include market

testing of price and messaging, social media strategy, search engine optimization,

landing pages, digital marketing assets, lead forms, enrollment funnel metrics, costper-

lead and cost-per-enrollment metrics. 

2. Provide Recruitment services and enrollment advising, to include timely and accurate

responses to requests for information, establishment and execution of admissions and

enrollment processes for applicants and incoming students, and regular, timely and

secure updates on prospect and student data to the University, including accurate lists

of enrolled students and bootcamp completers. Services must be compliant with all

state, local and federal rules and regulations.

3. Provide online metrics dashboard, that is updated at least weekly. Host monthly

status meetings on performance via zoom or similar platform.

4. Provide student support services to include student onboarding/orientation,

communications plan, live course forums, electronic discussion channels, phone

support, proactive outreach based on student performance metrics, feedback surveys,

and management and resolution of student complaints with notification to the


5. Co-design of three to four highly engaging course sessions and course builds

embracing project-based learning, ensuring compliance with University standards,

accessibility, and copyright clearance. Experience working with customers for noncredit

and for-credit online programs.

6. Development of a four-to-eight-week academic capstone experience that would serve

to convert the bootcamp to graduate credit through a non-credit to credit pathway.

7. Production of mixed learning assets such as videos and lab activities created with

input from industry.

8. Provide training and resources to prepare faculty to teach online successfully.

9. Source and employ industry and employer experts for curriculum and content


10. Provide a technology platform and platform maintenance and support for courses

(Learning Management System).

11. Collaborate with the University to create, produce, maintain and develop the learning

and assessment materials including video production and editing, learning technology

selection and integration, course quality, learning and student analytics, content

revisions and updates, formative and summative assessment development and

grading, feedback and communications to students.

12. Partner with corporate and industry leaders to provide job-relevant content modules

for each course and direct work with students on group projects.

13. Provide assistance in recruiting faculty and evaluating faculty post-course.

14. Identification of and execution of partnership agreements with local employers

(Virginia and Northern Virginia/National Capital region) seeking to hire program


15. Provide career support services including, but not limited to: career coaches,

internships, job placement services, job search and application workshops, interview

preparation, review of: resumes /LinkedIn profiles / and other student social presence.

16. Provide an annual review of curriculum, including student and faculty feedback.

17. Ability to integrate with University systems (i.e. Slate, Canvas

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