In-Store Digital Tools and a Human Touch Drive Success in Retail

The in-store experience is very important for any customer and it’s the key to sales and, consequently, profit for retailers. Knowing when and how to employ the available digital technologies and adding a little bit of human touch is the key to success for retailers, a new study shows.

In-store digital displays are a powerful tool to generate sales, but it seems that not so many retailers are using them properly. In fact, half of the 71 retail stores in New York City reviewed by SapientNitro don’t use this tool, while some of those who do are not doing it right. They have some poorly executed displays which bring no results and could even be considered as bad as not having any used at all.

“Today’s consumer is flooded with pervasive, innumerable brand messages, and it’s up to brands to share their stories by utilising the best times, places and tools to shape purchasing decisions,” said Hilding Anderson, SapientNitro’s director of research and insights. “Combining technology with powerful ideas and insightful perspectives on human moments is key to creating highly relevant ways to connect.”

Retailers that invested in optimizing their mobile experience for consumers had an 80% increase in web traffic in a year-over-year analysis. Sales went up from 10% to 40% for those stores that offered increased web to in-store functionality. An important recommendation of the report for retail stores it to focus on digital in-store add-ons that support user tasks.

It is crucial to drive as many sales as possible in a retail store. Marketing, communication campaigns and brand awareness attract consumers into the store, but a pleasant experience that includes services from the staff, an appealing atmosphere and the general look of the store, digital tools used and maybe some incentives or voucher codes offered, they all lead to more sales.

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