Dinamundo iPhone App Makes for Fun Real-Life Interactions

Dinamundo AppDinamundo App for iPhone, the brainchild of former Expedia, Inc. CEO, Erik Blachford, is a free social check-in app that encourages real-world human connections with comedy. Dinamundo won financing from True Ventures early stage venture capital firm.

The free app asks a friend to scan a custom Dinamundo QR code to reveal a funny “fortune cookie.” With each scan, customers receive humorous fortunes written by professional comedians such as Sam Morril (@sammorril), a Comedy Central 2011 “Comic to Watch”, and Avery Monsen (@averymonsen), co-author of “All My Friends Are Dead.”

Fortunes are short situational quips like: “As long as you keep smiling and nodding, no one will know how lost you are.”

Blachford believes the app will enhance the social lives of those who think of their smartphones as appendages:

“We expect that most people will use the app with their friends at first. They’ll get a laugh out of the fortune cookie messages, share the messages with their Facebook friends from within the app, and encourage other friends, colleagues and acquaintances to play as well. Over time we see an opportunity for Dinamundo to be tailored for use as a conversation ice breaker at events such as industry conferences…Everyone talks about unplugging, but very few of us are able to follow through.”

Users can post their fortunes to Facebook, and use the app to keep track of the friends with whom they’ve “done the Mundo” fortune exchange. The app technology puts players on a “Players Near Me” (within a 1 mile radius) list when Dinamundo opens, yet respects privacy by allowing users to opt out of the feature.

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