DOLI Virginia Issues Marketing RFP

DOLIVirginia Issues Marketing RFP
DOLI Virginia Issues Marketing RFP

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) is seeking an agency to construct and execute a six (6) month campaign utilizing television advertisement and online digital marketing to promote and raise awareness and visibility of the Registered Apprenticeship program. The Offeror will submit a proposal outlining a comprehensive Marketing Campaign that will create interest in the Registered Apprenticeship program in demographic audiences who may not currently be aware of the features and benefits the program offers. This campaign will also drive traffic to the DOLI website and other agency social media platforms so benefactors can receive more information.  The goal of this comprehensive outreach and marketing campaign is to further penetrate industry sectors who could benefit from the value of participating in the Registered Apprenticeship program, as well as target future participants and their parents and/or guardians to the benefits of participating in an apprenticeship program as compared to pursuing a four-year college education. Further, it is desired that Workforce Development agencies are aligned and in-sync with their messaging to further cement the message of developing workforce talent from the ground up. Having an on-air and on-line presence will allow viewers to learn about the Registered Apprenticeship program, and how to connect with someone from the agency who can provide the appropriate customer service.

This campaign will require the necessary resources for geo-targeting, data gathering and analysis, as well as the advertisements, supplies, set-up, and monitoring of a Digital Marketing Campaign. In order to evaluate how to best reach targeted markets and audiences for the purpose of expanding Registered Apprenticeship, analytics must be provided, evaluated, and re-allocated on a monthly basis based on efficacy.  The contract will be awarded through competitive negotiation in accordance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act and statewide regulations.


Virginia Registered Apprenticeship has been serving participating employers and apprentices since 1938. The Virginia Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program is an earn-while-you-learn employment-training model that produces highly skilled workers to meet the demands of employers competing in a global economy, through a combination of on-the-job training and related technical instruction. Through this program, apprentices are paid on day one, receive mentorship and on the job training, and participate in related technical instruction that is relevant to their occupation. During this current skilled worker shortage, RA is more relevant than ever. The registration process has been streamlined; however, there are challenges in overcoming myths and misperceptions. Our pursuit of this campaign will allow us to reach many potential benefactors of the program creating an economic win-win.

Scope of Work:

The Offeror shall furnish all goods and services necessary to provide an integrated and interactive marketing campaign as described herein. The campaign should be six-months in duration and shall include, but not limited to, the following:

A. General:

1. The Offeror shall work with the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) to develop a project schedule defining and establishing all owner and consulting activities and milestones for developing the advertising campaign.

2. The Offeror shall assign account management personnel to routinely work with DOLI personnel assigned to manage this contract. The Offeror shall meet with DOLI personnel at least once a month. At times, these meetings may be required to take place weekly. Meetings shall take place at DOLI Headquarters located at 600 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia or at a location convenient and acceptable to DOLI personnel. The Offeror may not bill DOLI for any hourly rates, travel time, or expenses for the meetings. The Offeror shall bear all costs associated with their attendance at the meetings.

3. The Offeror’s office facility must be located within a 45-mile driving radius of DOLI’s Headquarters.

4. Third-Party Authorization for the Placement of Marketing Material (if applicable): The Offeror shall not place DOLI marketing material without prior written approval from DOLI. The Offeror shall provide DOLI with a broadcasting schedule prior to the purchase of media run times. The Offeror will be held solely liable for completing payment to the contracted advertising medium for any advertising time and space which the Offeror sells to DOLI. The Offeror will also be held solely liable for payments for placers with advertising media that were granted to a contracted advertising medium without written approval from DOLI. DOLI will pay no interest or penalty for late payment by the Offeror to the contractor running the advertisements/campaigns. The Offeror shall bill DOLI the cost of media/advertising with no fees or markup permitted. After the marketing material has run, the Offeror shall promptly provide DOLI with the contracted medium’s affidavit showing that the marketing materials were actually run, at what time they were run, and the cost for the run.

5. In accordance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA), Ethics in Public Contracting, Article 6; 2.2-4367 through 2.2-4377 and with the Commonwealth’s Terms and Conditions, under no circumstances shall the Offeror accept any kickbacks, commissions, etc. from any of its suppliers or subcontractors. This shall include any commissions offered by any media companies. Penalties for violations shall be according to the VPPA, State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act and the Virginia Governmental Frauds Act.

6. The Offeror shall maximize the return on investment and only place marketing media at the most advantageous time and place to reach targeted audiences. All advertising analytics must backup the suggested media buy and all media buys shall be pre-approved by DOLI prior to placement.

7. The Offeror shall provide creative concepts for each component of the marketing campaign based on content consultation with DOLI. Components of the marketing campaign are as followed:

a. Digital and Social Media Marketing

b. Television Broadcast Marketing

8. The Offeror is expected to begin work within 10 business days of contract award. The advertising campaign is expected to be completed by August, 2020.

B. Marketing Campaign Execution:

1. The Offeror shall develop, with DOLI, interactive digital marketing campaigns targeting specific IP addresses, both mobile and desktop, in viewer areas to include job-seekers, employers, educators, workforce and economic practitioners, and parents and guardians to the largest geographical footprint feasible.

a. DOLI will advise the contractor on campaign targeting. The Offeror shall provide additional market data to increase views and efficacy of the campaign.

b. The Offeror shall utilize two-15 second video segments produced by BES Studios under a previously competed video production contract for television marketing purposes. The Offeror shall work efficiently and effectively with BES Studios to ensure a smooth transition of product to television.

c. The Offeror shall provide interactive digital advertisements that drive interest and create demand for Registered Apprenticeship.

d. The Offeror shall ensure that total digital/mobile impressions can reach upwards of 100,000 per month. Audiences should be targeted based on searches conducted across the web. Audience connection to Facebook and any other social media platforms that DOLI introduces during the campaign shall be the goal for the design of the marketing campaign.

e. The Offeror shall meet with DOLI on a weekly basis by phone and on a monthly basis in person at DOLI Headquarters to discuss campaign and statistical data, update DOLI staff on progress of the campaign, and adjust the campaign as necessary.

f. The Offeror shall submit an on-air schedule recommendation with their proposal that includes appropriate content and desirable TV Programming to meet the needs of the solicitation. Included in this schedule should be a description of the target audience(s) sought and a projected estimate of impressions that will be obtained during viewership times.

2. The Offeror shall develop, with DOLI, social media marketing campaigns to be used on various media platforms targeting the designated demographic profiles (job-seekers, employers, educators, workforce and economic practitioners, and parents and guardians.)

3. Offeror shall possess the ability to utilize their social media presence to further market DOLI’s campaign and shall submit data indicating its effectiveness.

C. Data Collection:

1. The Contractor shall provide a summary of results, analysis, and recommendations for the campaign in cumulative, monthly reports.

2. The Offeror shall collect and provide data quarterly on various marketing metrics from each component of the campaign within 10 business days after the end of each quarter, or as requested. The quarters end March 31, June 30, and the last day of the campaign’s ending month (i.e. August 31, 2020.)

a. The Offeror shall provide data regarding reach, impressions, click-through rates, etc.

3. A final analysis report shall be provided to DOLI no later than September 30, 2020.

Due Date:

January 21


Virginia Department of Labor and Industry

Mailroom- Stephanie Adams, Procurement Officer

Main Street Centre, 600 East Main Street, Suite 207

Richmond, Virginia 23219.

Relevant agencies include Ruder Finn and Finn Partners.

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