Drive to Expand Automation and Robotics Adoption in Thailand

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Thailand is home to lots of automotive plants, and the Asian country is a popular spot for manufacturing tech products because of the use of robots in production. Thailand only trails Singapore as the largest market for A&R in the Asian region, and as such is a popular destination for manufactured robotics products.

Thailand has undergone several industrial revolutions recently. There was one that focused on manufacturing, another on computers and chips. The latest is all about coding and artificial intelligence. This era has seen the rise and adoption of high-tech smart factories that use industrial robotics, the Internet of Things(IOT), remote sensors, and smart devices.

The Thai government has thrown its weight behind the A&R drive in the economy by unveiling an agenda that promotes solutions driven by technology. Among the industries targeted are biotechnology, wellness tourism, medical tourism, automotive industries, food for the future, and agriculture.

The robots are a practical solution to the situation created by Thailand’s aging workforce. The robots are also intended to support health workers, and the government is offering all sorts of incentives to actualize the drive toward automated systems.

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