Duree & Company: Offering Tailored Messages to Brands

Since its inception in 1999, Duree & Company has focused on the business of getting media attention for brands. Headed by Durée Ross, a PR veteran with more than two decades of experience in marketing and communication campaigns, Durée & Company gets brands the attention they deserve. Whether its digital or conventional marketing channels, on print, national or local campaigns, Durée & Company easily deliver successful campaigns.

Working with clients in real estate, lifestyle, nonprofits, restaurants, travel, entertainment, medical and nonprofit spaces, Durée & Company has mastered the art of identifying newsworthy stories for brands. Notable brands that the agency has worked with include the American Cancer Society, Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, Coldwell Banker Realty, Bagatelle restaurants, and many more.

To rise to an award-winning agency, the agency employs unique approaches. Studying the firm’s services and recent awards provide insights into the agency’s operations.

Key Services

#1. Public Relations

With the PR space exploding due to the rise of social media platforms, PR agencies have additional opportunities to distribute client stories. Specifically, content is being produced rapidly and achieving considerably high engagement levels, allowing Durée & Company to share their clients’ stories.

Thanks to the expertise of Durée & Company in PR and social media marketing, the agency employs a myriad strategy that compels conventional media to find content on a brand. Being a result-oriented agency, the firm also employs cutting-edge knowledge on traditional, digital, and event PR to achieve unparalleled results for brands.

#2. Crisis Management

Durée & Company considers crisis management as an important turning point for an organization. Thus, the agency’s crisis management pros develop a tailored outline highlighting what should be done during a crisis. Through a custom-made crisis management outline, the award-winning PR agency helps brands manage important processes like selecting a qualified spokesperson and /or crisis management team.

Whether a crisis relates to poor reviews, product recalls, or pending litigations, Durée & Company’s extensive expertise enables brands to craft an effective action plan that safeguards the brand’s reputation. Through the crisis management pros, brands are sure of the timely implementation of appropriate strategies, enabling them to overcome crisis-related storms.

#3: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service

Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of the values that their preferred brands reflect, necessitating the implementation of comprehensive corporate social responsibilities. Through Durée & Company’s CSR service, brands are guided in developing partnerships and campaigns that allow target brands to give back to society during the most opportune times.

Thanks to Durée & Company’s expertise, brands research and submit appropriate nominations to a variety of CSR-related awards. At the same time, the PR pro assists brands to come up with action items that promote adherence to CSR guidelines, all year round. Benefits drawn from compliance with CSR strategies, differentiate brands from their competitors, enhancing their bottom-line.

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