Eido Minkovsky: Spotlight on Tel Aviv PR Firm

Eido Minkovsky, a father of two, founded the public relations firm Minkovsky Media in 2009. The firm’s clients include some of the biggest technology companies in Israel — MyHeritage, Outbrain, AOL, Soluto and more.

Mr. Minkovsky believes that public relations are easy when you get to the heart of it: “[PR] is not physics, it’s simple: connecting people, thinking about ideas for stories and working hard. That’s all.”

Eido worked for the Israel Ministry of Public Security as Head advisor, a role that involved dealing with the media, the public, and government relations for two years before becoming the head of marketing for the municipality of Haifa.  This role led him to serve as the municipal spokesperson in the City of Haifa and as a member of the Board of Directors for the company “Ethos”, a culture and Arts City company.  During this time Mr. Minkovsky served as a head advisor for the political campaign of the Treasure Minister MK Moshe Kahlon in 2015.

One day Mr. Minkovsky was in a meeting with a technology company and the CEO was impressed with Eido’s communication skills. This CEO suggested Mr. Minkovsky could open his own PR firm with great success and told him he should start his own company. Mr. Minkovsky realized that connecting people was his greatest skill and decided to devote himself to the profession until he reached the top. “I want to be the biggest firm in Israel,” said Eido.

Mr. Minkovsky’s life experience made creating a public relations firm a good fit for his skill set. He served in the IDF Spokesperson’s Brigade from 2004 to 2009 and is still in contact with his superiors, whom he admires greatly. Eido is one of the owners of Toma, a bar in Tel Aviv. He also published a book, PR, Arrogance, and a Little Spice, in 2011, which sold over 6,000 copies.  Minkovsky Media has worked major security events that accompanied the IDF, the Israeli Police, and the Israeli prison service. It also served in major political campaigns as a
media consultant group to governments, political parties, Ministers, and MK’s.

Eido Minkovsky believes his company will succeed because they are young, hungry for success, and driven to use the connections they have made for the benefit of all parties. Minkovsky Media prefers to initiate communication, rather than respond when the need arises and are skilled at extracting 100% of a client’s potential.

Minkovsky Media believes in keeping up with technology and trends to better leverage those tools for clients whom it will benefit. Since it is grounded in the older mainstream teachings, staying with the curve allows them to tailor their offerings to the client’s needs. Clients like the Housing Ministry, SimilarWeb, and soccer player Ben Reichert can attest that this philosophy is successful.

Eido Minkovsky also gives credit to his wife and children for helping him focus on building a future. He never anticipated getting up early and going to bed early, yet that is what he is happily doing to help raise his family and build Minkovsky Media into Israel’s biggest new PR firm.

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