ReBlonde, Rani Rahav, Zamir Dahbash & Other PR Companies In Israel

Israel is a hot market for Public Relations – and here are six of the best PR Executives in Israel:

Dani Levy

Dani Levy – Dani Levy Communications

Since its beginning in December 2007, they have become one of the top PR firms in Israel with their office in Tel Aviv. Some of their clients include Coca-Cola, Campari, Fanta, Flowless, Energizer, Wella (hair products), Hermes, Cartier, and Raid. Levy runs a fast-growing, aggressive, results-oriented agency.

The agency provides PR, crisis management, spokesmanship, media advocacy and campaigns, government and regulatory relations, strategic consulting, image management for entities, and intra-organizational communication. They work on a daily and intimate level with clients helping with branding as well as the decision-making part of the process.

Rani Rahav

Rani Rahav of Ran Rahav Communications and PR

For two decades, Rani Rahav was THE public relations king in Israel. In the last year or two, he hit a small bump in the road – yet he has been part of many of the biggest events happening in Israel from 1990-2014. He even welcomed all but one of Israel’s prime ministers for dinner in his home. During that time, he was the go-to guy for most politicians in the country. The firm has represented clients such as BMW, Elite Food Industries, Padani Jewelries, Cartier, and Strauss Dairy Products. Rahav was born in Ramat Gan, Israel.

The agency office is in the Museum Tower in Tel Aviv. Put Rani seems rather shy when it comes to media surrounding himself. He has no active Facebook page or LinkedIn account, and though there are various mentions of him on the internet, he has no website currently.

Amiram Fleisher

Amiram Fleisher of Fleisher Communications

Amiram is the CEO and co-founder of Fleisher Communications, which was established in 1988 along with Ifat Fleisher. Some of the company’s clients include Boeing, NICE Systems, Pelephone, Towers-Jazz, and Merrill Lynch. He served in the PR services while in the military and continued serving with the Israeli Army Radio Galei Tzahal. Fleischer received his education at the University of Tel Aviv and BYU in the USA.

The firm has ongoing affiliations with both Grayling Communications and FleishmanHillard. They specialize in PR for businesses and financial companies – especially with international brands. They also offer service in the areas of high-tech, media networks, government, finance, energy, and aviation.

Zamir Dahbash

Zamir Dahbash of Shalom Tel Aviv

Dahbash is the founder and CEO of the firm he started in 2007. He previously worked in Tel Aviv Euros (formerly French-Sternhus-Zamir). He had joined the French-Sternhus firm in 1994 and then became a partner in the firm a year later. In 1997, he founded Euro Communications – a top-level PR firm in Israel but then decided to establish the independent communications consultancy firm, Shalom Tel Aviv.

Some of Shalom Tel Aviv’s clients include Facebook, Julius Bär, Barclays, and Apax Partners. Dahbash has also written How not to deal with a PR Disaster – BP’s 10 major mistakes in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and what can be learned from them.

The agency is located in Tel Aviv and offers PR, crisis management, digital PR and marketing, and branding through social media. They are pleased to be able to devote substantial effort and time to PR campaigns revolving around social issues.

Motti Morrell

Motti Morrell of Morrell & Co. Communications

Morrell founded his firm in 1985; so he has more than 30 years of experience in PR and communications. Motti is known for his assertive style in representing political candidates, including Rabin, Netanyahu, Barak, and others. He prefers to remain behind the scenes but has been considered the driving force behind many memorable campaigns.

Morrell brings expertise in advertising, marketing strategies, campaigns, and crisis management. Sometimes he lists as Moti Morrell on the internet, such as on his LinkedIn account.


Their headquarters is in Tel Aviv with an office in Boston as well. The team focuses on increasing your brand’s reach and getting your products noticed. There are more than 25 professionals on this team, and they have an expansive client list. That list includes Labster, HP, Panasonic, NetTalk,, and Applied Materials. This firm is reputed to do excellent work in Israel – but not as good work with foreign-reaching and international work.

The agency was founded by Ayelet Noff, and she functions as co-CEO along with Motti Peer. Prior to starting the firm, Ayelet was born and raised in New York, and later was a writer for Mashable, TechCrunch, and The Next Web for four years. She enjoys working with startup companies and helping them move forward as if they were in New York or Los Angeles, even from Israel.

Roni Wolf of Wolf Communications and Public Relations

Roni Wolf founded the firm in 1992 and became the first local PR firm to establish an ongoing relationship with a global PR agency. Some of the companies represented by the firm include UPS, Samsung, Orbit, Bose, Toshiba, and Mercedes-Benz. They specialize in working with companies in tech, retail, design, automotive, public service and philanthropy, travel and leisure, consumer goods, and more.

They offer help with crisis management and avoidance, with quick response and use of their global contacts as needed.

GK Public Relations

This is a relatively new firm on the Israeli block, founded in 2013 by Matthew Krieger and specializing in startups and technology firms. They offer social media, industry analysis, thought leadership campaigns, business and trade media relations, trade show support, crisis communications and media training. Some clients represented by the agency include Forbes, Microsoft, Splitit, and Angel Sensor.

Prior to starting GKPR, Krieger was the Deputy Managing Director of the Israel office of Finn Partners and before that he was the business and technology correspondent at the Jerusalem Post.

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