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There’s a bright new star on the PR business horizon in London. Alistair Turner, former PR director of Davies Tanner and PR counsel to the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP), is launching his own new agency. He’s calling it EIGHT PR & Marketing and he’s specializing in the events industry.

“The agency will work across every aspect of PR and marketing, from brand counsel and strategy, to the implementation of marketing and PR campaigns both domestically and internationally,” Turner says of his new venture.

Alistair Turner Public Relations

Turner brings extensive expertise to this new endeavor. Prior to leaving his position as campaign director of Britain for Events at Davies Tanner in July, he handled PR for brands such as the BBC, Haagen Daz, Trebor Bassett, Tropicana, and Muller yogurts.

Over the last ten years, he has worked with some of the biggest brands and associations in the industry such as Excel London, VisitBritain, the SECC and many more. His strengths and talents are both tried and proven.

Of his new agency Tuner says, “We’re trying to create something fresh and dynamic with EIGHT.” The new agency focuses on every aspect of the events industry, from conferences to business events to corporate hospitality to outdoor musical live events and festivals and everything in between.

He has some fresh new approaches for EIGHT. Turner says the key tenets to his agency include intelligence, creativity and something he is calling ‘The Club.’ “The intelligence is gained from the knowledge and experience we’ve picked up over the last 15 years in the industry.

This is then adapted creatively to develop campaigns that make a measurable impact on our clients’ businesses,” Turner explains. With the wealth of experience and many years of working with varied types of clients he brings to the table, this rich and fresh approach is sure to be successful.

Turner calls his unique and new concept for his agency ‘The Club’. He explains his plans to create a kind of club around his clients and encourage organizations who can add value to their business to also ‘join.’ In this way, “everyone can share knowledge, interact and do business together through EIGHT…It should be fun!” Turner predicts.

With his proven track record of success and creativity, the promise of new concepts and collaboration and new ways of doing business in the fast growing and changing world of the events industry, Turner’s rising star of EIGHT is sure to shine.

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