New Social Media Monitoring Tool – Engage121: Corporate Launched

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Engage121 has recently launched Engage121: Corporate, the second edition of the company’s social media management application for brands and businesses. With the new application, companies can explore the social web to discover relevant conversations; listen to key contacts, competitors and influencers in real time; post real time messages across multiple social media networks from one location; and measure ROI using Engage121 analytics.

The difference between Engage121: Corporate and similar social media management platforms is that this application is totally customizable. Business users can integrate any application, from Yelp to Ning and beyond – an ideal way to find relevant conversation and eliminate information overload. The platform was designed to help business customers achieve their various objectives more effectively and in a timely manner. CEO Jon Victor believes that Engage 121: Corporate is powerful enough to help users find new customers, build online loyalty programs, distribute localized coupons, and much more.

“The Engage121: Corporate edition eliminates the time and hassle of managing social communications across separate, multiple social media networks, tools and blogs, because it integrates all relevant platforms into one application,” he said in a press statement.

When Engage121’s previous edition launched, in September 2010, Mashable’s Meghan Peters described it as “best in its class at encompassing monitoring, broadcasting and engagement.” But the author also noted that “because virtually every aspect of the tool is customizable, you should have a strategy in place before jumping into Engage121. Its functionality seems endless and could be overwhelming without a set social media objective.” This means that Engage121 is more effective for savvy users, perhaps the PR and marketing departments of the business. We hope to review the platform ourselves in the near future, to give you in-depth feedback on its main features and functionality.

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