Engaging Target Audiences Through PR – Pugh & Tiller PR

Established in 2008, Pugh & Tiller PR is a public relations and communications company that’s located in Annapolis, Maryland. The team at Pugh & Tiller PR works with the goal of helping brands and corporations reach, engage, and then influence target audiences to achieve business and communications goals.

The company mainly works with five industries – technology, commercial real estate, trade associations and nonprofits, employee benefits and healthcare, as well as professional services. Although the specific services and capabilities that companies receive vary by client, Pugh & Tiller PR primarily focus on content development, media, and influencer relations, social media, marketing, crisis communications, and issues management services.

Brands and corporations can choose from one of the company’s three approaches – working with Pugh & Tiller PR on an ongoing basis, on specific projects, or on counsel and training. With the first option, clients see PR and communications as integral to business operations and goals, which is why they work with the company on retainer.

The second option is for clients that have very specific public relations needs and support, which usually happens during particular opportunities or challenges for them. Finally, the third option is for clients that prefer working with the company as well as their own in-house PR teams to get even more benefits from communications and public relations.

Pugh & Tiller PR also provides a wide range of services to clients, depending on their business needs. The services range from media and influencer relations, where clients can benefit from media, influencer, and analyst outreach; content development; spokesperson training; event planning and support capabilities.

There are the social media and marketing services with capabilities along the likes of content or email marketing, social media strategy development and management, web development, branding, SEO, graphic design, audio, and video production, or help with Google Adwords.

Next is the strategic communications planning services with capabilities such as perception, competitor, and relevant influencer research; key audience identification and reach strategy; messaging maps and content development; company and product launches; or communications infrastructure assessment and development.

Finally, Pugh & Tiller PR also provides clients with crisis communications and issues management services, that come with capabilities like pre-crisis planning, crisis communications strategy development; rapid response implementation; spokesperson training, and crisis response training along with simulations.

The company was founded by Matthew Pugh and Jessica Tiller, naming the company Pugh & Tiller PR, respectively. Matthew Pugh has over a decade of experience with public relations, mainly in the tech industry, and has received several industry awards for his work including an MDDC Press Association award. Meanwhile, Jessica Tiller has almost two decades of experience in the PR industry and has also received numerous PR awards, including The Silver Anvil.

Over the years since it was founded, Pugh & Tiller PR has worked with a number of clients and the team has helped achieve many business goals. Some of the brands and corporations that have worked with the company include Stormwater Maintenance and Consulting, Time Management Group, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public, SECU Credit Union, Linux Academy, Fourth & Goal, Veolia, and many others.

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