Entertainment Acquisition, Event Promotion and Management Services for the Iroquois Amphitheater

DUE DATE: January 19, 2024.




Iroquois Amphitheater is one of Louisville’s best outdoor concert and movie venues and recognized as the official amphitheater for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. First constructed in the spring of 1938, it was completely remodeled in 2003 and several improvements have been made since. The amphitheater, located at 1080 Amphitheater Road, Louisville, KY 40214 is a Proscenium-styled, handicapped-accessible theater with seating for 2,348 that hosts a variety of performing arts and cultural programs. The partially covered outdoor amphitheater is adjacent to a growing retail center along a robust economic corridor.

The facility remains a source of pride for South Louisville and key regional destination for established and up-and-coming talent. There are approximately 150 available event days during the season between April and September.

Entertaining and educating our citizens, business community and visitors as their entertainment

destination helps the local economy, tourism, and attracts new residents. Metro desires a contractor with extensive experience in concert and overall event management to create entertaining, intimate, and memorable community experiences at the Iroquois Amphitheater.


The objective of this contract is to deliver a full calendar of quality entertainment with a mix of national touring acts, local acts, community events, and arts and cultural programming. This mix of entertainment should include a blend of ticketed events of varying price-points and events free to the public. Working with the Parks and Recreation Department, the selected contractor will develop a calendar of events that maximizes attendance and results in increased revenue, enabling continuous investment into the amphitheater infrastructure and operations.

Interested contractors may submit proposals in any approach they believe is necessary to achieve the above objective in full or in part. However, submissions will be evaluated to determine which proposal is most advantageous to Louisville Metro Government in accordance with the evaluation factors set forth in this RFP.


The scope of work includes creating and managing an annual show calendar, acquiring talent, negotiating and managing contracts, producing engaging marketing and advertising of events, management of specific pre-production and day-of-show operations. Soliciting sponsorships, grants and fund raising are included in the scope.

Parks and Recreation maintains contracts for and will retain responsibility for event security, labor (including stagehand and ushers), emergency services, ticketing, parking, custodial, and concessions.

Parks and Recreation will contract for these services themselves.

  A Parks and Recreation staff member will be designated as a primary point of contact for the contractor and the contractor will do likewise. Representatives for both parties will be present for all amphitheater events. The coordination between the two will include but not be limited to operations, venue management, required permits, licenses, insurance and indemnification. Additional coordination may be necessary related to other park activities, sound control, traffic/parking plans, surrounding community, event layout, and logistics. Successful operations will have clear and consistent communication with Amphitheater Staff.

Show Calendar

The annual season is generally April through September. In meeting the objective stated above, the

contractor will work with Parks and Recreation on an agreeable mix of ticketed and non-ticketed events.

The Contractor will be responsible for the holds, challenges, and confirms. Parks and Recreation will maintain first right of refusal on dates.

Talent Acquisition

The contractor will need to provide a mix of national touring acts, local acts, community events, and arts and cultural programming. The successful contractor will have a demonstrated track record of booking national touring acts suitable for diverse musical tastes. Further, Louisville is filled with great local musical talent which needs to be supported. Therefore, the contractor’s proposal should include their experience and approach to acquiring local talent. The national touring musical acts should include those that have demonstrated ticket sales capable of drawing an audience from 1,700 to full capacity. A minimum of 30 days of concert programming per season will be required. The remaining programming may include, but not limited to comedy, touring theater, orchestral, dance, or other artform or genre.

Some show dates for the 2024 season may already be under contract. Shows with signed contracts shall be honored by Metro Parks and the awarded vendor.

Negotiation and Contract Management

The contractor will need to demonstrate their extensive ability to negotiate, craft, and manage artist

contracts. Knowledge of the current industry conditions and prices are critical. Demonstration of this experience may include, but not be limited to: examples of artist contracts, number of contracts negotiated, examples of favorable terms resulting from contractor’s negotiating on behalf of their client.

Marketing and Advertising

For each season under contract, the successful contractor will actively market the venue for concerts, special events, and promoting community events and programming. This should include implementing targeted promotional campaigns through various channels, including digital, print, and social media and collaborating with local media outlets to maximize coverage and exposure for events. Creative approaches to other marketing opportunities are welcomed.

Pre-Production and Day of Show Responsibilities

The contractor should have a firm understanding of working within the limitations of the Amphitheater’s infrastructure for concert and theater productions. Contractor should have a clear understanding of artist and tour production riders. Contractor should have a demonstrated ability to negotiate the technical and hospitality requests to stay within an established budget. The contractor will be responsible for meal buyouts or any additional special needs identified in the rider. Contractor will provide the personnel and transportation necessary to fulfill the day of show needs of the artist, if applicable. To the greatest extent possible, Louisville Metro encourages the contractor to utilize local caterers and service providers.


Sponsorships are necessary to help offset the costs from hosting non-revenue generating events.

Therefore, the successful contractor will have a demonstrated ability to fundraise and secure sponsorships for individual ticketed and non-ticketed events, community programming, and facility sponsorship opportunities. The contractor should present a creative sponsorship strategy that will help achieve the contract objectives. Some examples may include: create tiered sponsorship levels for individual and group events; venue amenities such as beer garden/patio, plaza, VIP areas, and seating.


Interested firms are required to submit a comprehensive proposal that includes, but is not limited to, the following submittals:

1. Executive Summary:

• Brief overview of the contractor’s company and key strengths.

2. Company Profile:

• Background information on the contractor, including years in business, size, and structure.

3. Experience and References:

• Detailed information on the vendor’s experience in providing entertainment acquisition services.

• Examples of contracts of similar size and scope with contact information of the contract holder (not to include Louisville Metro Government).

• Experience and approach to acquiring local talent.

• List of established connections with national talent agencies.

4. Scope of Work and Approach:

• A detailed proposal outlining the vendor’s approach to meeting the requirements of the within the scope of work.

• A staffing plan for daily operations, day of show, and resumes of key personnel to be assigned.

5. Cost Proposal:

• Clear breakdown of costs associated with providing entertainment acquisition, event

promotion and management services.

• Proposed revenue share plan.

• Any additional fees or costs that may apply.

Additional Required Information

• Examples of artist contracts.

• Sample / proposed marketing plan and materials for various production or events

• Sample promotional package, media kit, or presentation for producers, agents, managers, artists

• Sample Day of show sheets, labor calls, and schedules

• Additional related services that the contractor may offer.

Exceptions (if applicable)

Carefully review and understand the RFP requirements. Clearly document any specific requirements for which you are proposing exceptions or exclusions. Create a list that clearly outlines each requirement and your proposed alternative. Offer a concise and well-reasoned explanation for each exception or exclusion.

Clearly communicate why your proposed alternative is necessary or beneficial and how it still meets the underlying objectives of the client.


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