Erie County Department of Senior Service Issues Marketing RFP

The County of Erie, New York is currently seeking Proposal Statements from qualified vendors interested in providing DEPARTMENTAL EDUCATION AND PUBLIC MESSAGING CAMPAIGN for the Erie County Department of Senior Services. The Department strives to reach and provide an array of information and services to all Erie County residents over the age of 60, their caregivers and to residents under the age of 60 in need of Long Term Care and Support. The Department seeks to market to the residents of Erie County in a consistent pattern through the most appropriate channels for all ages and tendencies of older adults, caregivers and others in need of support.


The Department and its programs are funded and supported by various local, state and federal funding streams, most of which have specific funds set aside for promotional work.

The Department has long been in the position of being sought for services during a health crisis or after a loss of independence has occurred. While these services are valuable and available, it is often beneficial to engage the Department earlier to learn about programs in advance of the need. Additionally, the Department has programming and services that can help to prevent or slow a decline in independence and wishes to proactively engage older adults to promote healthier lifestyles. Many programs are available to persons of all income levels and levels of independence. The Department is interested in Education to all segments of the population in alignment with the programs we offer.

As such, the mission of the Department of Senior Services of Erie County is to promote the well-being of all older adults through coordinated and cost-effective services which enhance their independence, dignity, and quality of life.

In the effort to achieve our mission we offer the following primary programs and services.

                NYConnects- An Aging and Disability Resource Center housed in the Department. This unit is the single most advertised phone number in the Department as it provides access, referrals and information about all Department programming in addition to services and benefits provided by other federal, state and local agencies. The Department wants NYConnects to be the known entity to contact for service needs.

                As current funding streams decline or remain flat funded, it will become more difficult to serve our clients in a timely manner. We believe we need to express our value to the business community at large and create a demand for sponsorship opportunities. It is the intent of the Department to issue a RFP later this year to provide incoming funds to extend programming through sponsorship dollars. Responses to this RFP must address this need.

The Department does not have internal experience with marketing and/or the knowledge about the level of financial resources required create name recognition within the community. While the budget for this particular proposal is capped at approximately $90,000, Proposers are encouraged to provide an additional proposed ideal solution to successfully market the Department over the long term(RFI). This Request for Information response may be a separate, packet/document to help is plan for future marketing.

Scope of Work:

The Erie County Department of Senior Services provides an array of services to support the older adults, disabled individuals and caregivers of Erie County. Our Public Education and Marketing has been completed on an ad-hoc and as needed basis when pockets of funds are identified. The Department of Senior Services reaches out to our target population on an irregular basis. Our goal is to reach the residents of Erie County earlier to engage them in the services we offer to maintain physical and mental health to delay the need for higher levels of care. With this proposal, it is our intent to use multiple funding streams with pre-identified funds as marketing funds to create a marketing budget and cohesive plan that will address each service area in accordance with the percentage of funds allocated. The budget for this campaign approximately $90,000.

The Department is interested in developing a multi-faceted marketing campaign to reach Erie County’s older adults and their caregivers. The preferred solution will include a cohesive messaging plan using platforms most accessed by our demographic target.

The successful proposal will:

                1. Provide an 11 month plan with a start date of 5/1/19.

                2. Must incorporate New York State developed NY Connects badge and branding(Exhibit A) Erie County Department of Senior Services seal (Exhibit B) language

                3. Identify the platforms/media that will reach older adults, disabled persons and caregivers.

                4. Identify a plan to build name recognition, demand for service and build interest in potential   community partners.

                5. Must provide market research information and support for using the chosen platforms/media.

                6. Must provide references and examples of successful media campaigns for similar organizations.

Due Date:

March 28 , 2019. 


Commissioner Timothy Hogues

Erie County Department of Senior Services, Room 1344

95 Franklin Street

Buffalo, NY 14202

Strong NY PR firms include 5WPR and Rubenstein PR.

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