Rubenstein Public Relations Sues Clients

Rubenstein Public Relations Sues Clients
Rubenstein Public Relations Sues Clients

Rubenstein Public Relations, has brought three lawsuits against former clients who have failed to pay invoices as agreed upon in initial contracts. In an attempt to collect debt from these clients, Rubenstein Public Relations has set forth parameters for repayment for services rendered between 2014 and 2017 for these clients.

Rubenstein Public Relations will be pursuing full recourse of the unpaid monies, plus applicable additional fees, from the three former clients named as Defendants in each case. These former clients operate out of New York, New York and Boston, Massachusetts. Rubenstein Public Relations has summoned Astro Gallery of Gems to court proceedings in pursuit of an unpaid account balance equaling $44,000.00. Additionally, an 18% per annum interest rate has been set to accrue on this balance as of November 16, 2017. During the agreement period with Astro Gallery of Gems, the named Defendant, services were rendered as a part of a media and public relations service agreement. Invoices were sent with the understanding that any invoices going past 15 days overdue would incur a late fee of 18%. Following a lack of repayment from the Defendant, a list of outstanding invoices and debts was provided by the Plaintiff (Rubenstein Public Relations).

In a summons dated February 7, 2019, representatives from the Defendant were requested and a listing of outstanding grievances was provided for public record.

In a second case, Rubenstein Public Relations also brought a suit against former client Lifestory Health LLC, owned and operated by Anna Nicole Schuch. The named Defendant also contracted with Rubenstein Public Relations for media and public relations services in June of 2017.

Following the delivery of services rendered by Rubenstein Public Relations, the Defendant accrued monthly invoices from June 2017 through September 2017, totalling $25,000. At the outset of the agreement, it was communicated that invoices past 30 days late would be grounds for termination of the agreement. To that end, the agreement with the Defendant was terminated in September of 2017, preceded by a listing of all outstanding debts owed.

For this case, Rubenstein Public Relations is requesting full repayment of the outstanding $25,000.00 in services rendered, as well as $8,333.33 in attorney fees.

Finally, a third suit was brought by Rubenstein Public Relations to former client Cohen Braffits Estates Development LLC, operating out of New York, New York. In this agreement, the Defendant entered into a contract with the Plaintiff for media and public relations services totaling $27,571.11 during the time period of June 2014 through January 2015.

This agreement was also set up with an 18% per annum interest, with a start of accruement on June 16, 2015. This was determined after the Defendant had made no effort to repay the outstanding invoices, which were sent on a monthly basis with no objection from the Defendant.

These three suits will pursue damages for nonpayment on services rendered, including residual attorney and/or court fees, plus applicable interest. Summons have been sent to each Defendant and court proceedings will move forward with the intent to recover these damages from the named Defendants.

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