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Rubenstein PR
Rubenstein is actually three different firms in one location. There is the original – Rubenstein Associates, as well as Rubenstein Strategic Communications which is now run by Howard Rubenstein’s younger son, Steven (on a day-to-day basis), though Howard is still very much a part of the firm and maintains some of the clients. The other firm, Rubenstein PR is run by Howard’s older son, Richard. Both companies’ offices share the same address in New York City.

Some of Rubenstein Strategic Communications’ largest clients include Rupert Murdoch, George Steinbrenner, Sarah – Duchess of York, Walt Disney, Lion’s Gate, and, back in the day, the notorious Harry and Leona Helmsley. For Rubenstein PR, some of their largest clients include real estate brokers, the Miss Universe organization, Park Lane New York, and iRide.

Rubenstein Strategic Communications was founded in 1954 at Howard’s parent’s dining room table. They currently employ about 160 people. While Howard Rubenstein is a legend, his son’s businesses aren’t PR firms which Everything-PR recommends.