European Commission Is Seeking A Social Media Agency

European Commission Is Seeking A Social Media Agency European Commission: United Kingdom-London is seeking a social media agency.

Scope of work:

  1. Drafting and updating of an online action plan and a weekly editorial calendar

The Contractor shall design and develop a detailed on-line action plan focusing on specific issues identified by the European Commission as well as a weekly editorial calendar.

The Contractor shall:

  • carry out the necessary research and analysis in order to identify specific target groups as required;
  • define a list of issues which are of key interest to these target groups and can be addressed via social media;
  • draft and update a detailed plan of action to be carried out, taking into account the available resources;
  • create and maintain the weekly editorial calendar for the Representation taking as a basis the weekly editorial calendar provided by the European Commission.

The Contractor should identify relevant communication tools (e.g. interactive web tools) and their most effective use. For this purpose, the Contractor will take into account the Commission’s and other existing relevant websites and social media accounts.

The action plan for social media should promote:

– a modern and responsive image of the EU;
– the openness and willingness of the EU to communicate with the public;
– EU policies opportunities and programmes with a local dimension and relevance  for  the  UK  public  (especially  the  priorities  of  the  European


  • Action Plan updated monthly;
  • Weekly Editorial Calendar.

2. Production of content for social media

The Contractor shall create content (posts, tweets, simple AV content) and produce information material to be disseminated through the various social media accounts of the Representation.

This includes the selection and/or creation of texts, illustrations, pictures, infographics, videos, etc. relevant for such messages. The formulation of these public messages should be based on information provided by the European Commission’s social media team and its weekly social media calendar, but should also include the development of new, original content under the supervision of the Representation.

3. Management of the Representation’s accounts in social media

The Representation is currently using Engagor ( to manage its social media accounts on the various platforms. Engagor is a cloud-based social media management (SMM) tool with capabilities in team workflow, analytics, monitoring and engagement.

The Contractor shall:

  • Publish information on the social media platforms of the Representation and keep the accounts up-to-date;
  • Be responsible for the page appearance (regular update of cover photos and temporary customized logos under the supervision of the Representation) of the social media accounts;
  • Develop strategies to increase the outreach of the accounts;
  • Keep the audience engaged through various techniques offered by the social media tools, such as internal apps, campaigns, contests and audience challenges;
  • Monitor the impact of the information published on social media as well as other social media activity related to the Representation’s accounts;
  • Maximize the impact of the information published on the accounts of the Representation;
  • Manage the community and facilitate discussions;
  • Perform a “watchdog function”. Propose and post rebuttals and reactions – after validation by the Representation – to misleading interpretations, myths, etc. published on the Representation’s social media platforms;
  • Advise moderators if necessary;
  • Support other EU social media accounts to reach the UK public (e.g. re-tweeting their posts, promoting their Facebook pages).

It is expected that the Contractor keeps pace with new trends and developments in social media so that the Representation can benefit from this expertise and make the best possible use of it.


  • Updated social media accounts on the various platforms;
  • Published information on the various platforms;
  • Community management and social networking on the platforms.

4. Social Media Coverage of Events

The Contractor may be requested to offer live social media coverage during events. Based on the current experience, the number of these events range from 3-5 per year.

This will cover the preparation of the event including activities such as:

  • Developing a social media strategy customized to the event;
  • Researching SEO keywords to weave into social media content;
  • Creating visuals ahead of the event and promoting the speakers and the topic with a view to boosting participation.

During the event, the Contractor shall perform tasks such as:

  • Posting live, covering keynote events, breakout sessions, panels,  etc.
  • Capturing and posting photos and videos of keynote events, booth activity, attendee networking, presentation of awards, customer meetings, speaker sessions, etc.
  • Monitoring event hashtags on social media channels and identifying leads and impact opportunities;
  • Engaging with influencers and the audience.

5. Reporting

Using the monitoring, reporting and analytics tools offered by Engagor as well as any other electronic reporting methods, the Contractor shall draft a monthly report on social media activity which will include:

  • Quantitative analysis of all social media activities;
  • List of events covered live during the month, where applicable;
  • Qualitative assessment of the:
  • impact of the social media activity data of  the Representation’s accounts;
  • outcomes of social media activity and trends after special occasions (e.g. European Council summits, policy or legislative initiatives of the European Commission, reception of these at the European and national levels, extraordinary political events);
  • how the social media activity reflects on the social media strategy of the Representation and if additional measures are required to meet the objectives of the strategy.

Due date:

Proposal is due on June 30th, 2017 to:


European Commission
Directorate-General for Communication
Representation in London
32 Smith Square
London SW1P 3EU
United Kingdom

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