European Parliament Seeks Media Monitoring Company

European Parliament Seeks Media Monitoring Company European Parliament: Denmark-Copenhagen is seeking an agency for Media monitoring and analysis services.  The European Parliament launches this procedure aiming to award a one year framework contract for daily monitoring of written press (national/regional), audiovisual media (radio, TV) and the main online (internet) media. The purpose is to provide a timely, up-to-date compendium of daily information, in the form of press reviews, about the way in which topics of relevance to the European Parliament and the European Union are reported in the media.

The European Parliament’s Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM) is seeking to ensure it has the best possible knowledge of the media coverage across the EU on topics related to the European Union, the European Parliament and the activities of its President and MEPs. Media analysis will ultimately help the EP to better communicate EU policies to EU citizens and specific target audiences. In order to achieve this, the EP relies partly on external expertise and assistance.

Scope of work:

In terms of the services requested through this framework contract, the contractor will need to monitor news from print, audiovisual and on-line media from Denmark in order to deliver a daily review consisting of summaries of news of all the themes and full text articles in PDF format (hereafter called press clippings), the last ones only for the themes “European Parliament” and “MEPs”.

2. Regular monitoring services

The Daily Review (based on all print, online and audio-visual media) shall give priority to news items on the following themes and in this exact order:

i) “European Parliament”: decisions/debates/events taking place during plenary sessions and committee meetings, activities of the President of the European Parliament, and related activities organized by the EPIO in the Member State concerned.

ii) “Members of the European Parliament”: speeches, opinions, statements of position or statements by national or other MEPs related to the European context only.

iii) “European context:  a selection of the most representative articles in the media that relate to the European Union or which could have an effect on the EU (relations with the EU, elections, referenda, social policy, finance, opinion polls, etc). The contracting party may request follow ups on specific European related events for a certain period of time (i.e: Brexit, elections in other Member States, etc)

iiii) “National context”: Internal affairs of Member state with no direct EU dimension should not be added to the Daily Review unless they address important events such as elections results and opinion polls, new government, major strikes, etc. In that case and depending on the importance of the event, few substantial articles on the topic coming from core sources are sufficient. Foreign affairs related articles will be monitored and related upon only if the Member State is concerned and it is of major importance.

The last two themes together should not represent in general more than 30% of the whole review or of the total daily average number. The contracting part may request exception to this 30% rule in case of follow up on some European topics.

Only for the themes “European Parliament” and “Members of the European Parliament”, each summary must be delivered also with the corresponding clipping (copy of original article in PDF format only).

The Highlights of key subjects (a sum-up of subjects most reported in the media of the day) should precede the summaries. The key subjects should be followed by the names of the sources in which they were mentioned (see Annex Ia).

3. The Daily Press Review must be delivered at latest by 9:00 AM CET and must contain on average 14 summaries and 9 press clippings per day identified in the main print press and online sources. The total is daily number of items multiplied with effective working days per month. For this edition, the European Parliament requests that each article is summarized in English language in maximum 800 characters with title and spaces included and shall be delivered to the list of recipients on a daily basis via EPMM. The accurate translation into English of the title together with the original version is mandatory. The distribution of summaries and clippings is of approximately 70% for “EP and MEPs” themes and 30% for “European and National contexts” themes. Also, the selection should give priority to newspapers and then to their online versions in case of similar articles. In case of articles overload, the core sources articles delivery should have priority and then other sources. In case of similar article from core online and print sources, each should be delivered with the specific summary. Please see Annex 1a for more details on core media sources.

To provide the service, the tenderer is requested to monitor the news under the above mentioned four themes on a daily basis, and to organize, upload and send from the platform to the internal recipients the media items monitored with a list of metadata such as: country, theme, subject, date, media source, page number, type of article, visibility, position of the article in the newspaper, name of the author, mentions of EP and/or MEPs in the title, etc. This list might be slightly adjusted by the contracting service during the lifetime of the contract.

4. The Daily Audiovisual Review must be delivered at latest by 9:30 AM CET and consist of a daily estimated average of 4 audiovisual summaries on a monthly basis (the total is daily number of items multiplied with effective working days per month). This edition will follow the same themes structure and order as the 9:00 AM daily press review. For each article identified in the radio and TV sources (see the list in Annex Ia) one summary in English language of maximum 1600 characters (including title and spaces) shall be delivered on a daily basis via EPMM.

5. Editorial Guidelines for Daily Press and Audio-Visual Reviews

  • The tenderer will give priority to front page articles (teaser + full text), interviews, speeches, statements, opinions / analysis and to factual articles in this order, whenever possible.
  • The article summary will mention the name of the article’s author.
  • One summary per article is requested in English language.
  • In case of many factual and/or identical articles of one event appeared in several sources, then the national press and the core sources (as defined in Annex Ia) have priority for summaries and the contractor will create one summary for each of them. The other sources will be listed at the end of these summaries.
  • Pictures from print and online sources are mandatory only if portraying Members of the European Parliament.
  • In case of MEPs nationality and European political group, both must be indicated: e.g. HU MEP John Smith (S&D). (Information about political groups will be provided to successful tenderer).


Due date:

Proposal is due on July 17 to:


Information Office in Denmark
Gothersgade 115
DK-1123 Copenhagen K

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